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My 89 turbo GT kill list

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My GT will dominate all! I am working on my escort gt turbo. Its an 89 red GT, its pretty hot. If anyone wants to see pictures go here then when the page louds up type in EscortGTturbo on the left where it says visit album. http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view I lost my licence for an underage. So when I get it back I will post my kill list. It should go good sence with advanced timing, cat back exhaust and air intake I can keep up with my friends 99 civic SI.
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I remember a little while ago over the summer i lived with my dad in harrisburg. One night I was driving home from work. I came up to a redlight and there was I honda crx behind me. He reved his engine up at me, I turned around to look to see who it was. It was two kids in a honda crx laughing cause it´s a escort with a exhaust system on it. Well I gusse he did´nt now what the 8th letter of the vin J means. Being the ass that I am I slowly gain distance from the car aside of me but reving the engine up so the kids behind me thought my car was slow. Then there was enough room for the kid to get through to the other lane (theres 2 lanes for u to drive in one direction). He gets on the side of me and the passenger is laughing. I could see all the gauges the driver had lighting up and the big tach. When my front bumber got to his back bumper I was like OK thats enough of a head start. Doing about 40mph in 3rd gear I put it in 2nd. My car just screaming the sound of combustion and the sound of my vavles tinging cause the timeing is so advanced. I really start to pull on him I mean it was´nt even funny anymore. As I pulled pass the passenger I justed looked at him and his month was droped. I hit 4th gear doing about 80mph, just to play I let off the gas and cruised at 80. When he cought up to me I got on it again and stayed on it till about 120mph, we stayed close together from 80-120. But if I did´nt fuck around with him I would have just blown him away.
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that link didnt work
id like to see your car.
I don´t know what to say, try again it works for all of my friends. after you click on the link, and the page louds up it will say "visit link" to the left there you will type in EscortGTturbo no spaces then you will click on secrete project and my car should loud up.
got it.....
how hard was it to find your turbo.
i curently stock-pilling parts for my 1.8, kinda the same boat you where in.
My friend owns a performance parts store and his brother had a 1994 escort LX turbo. He tottled it trying to pass about 5 people on the shoulder of the high way. After that he sold it to me for $500. The only thing I needed to buy was the exhaust manifold and some more piping.
so, this is where you´ve been spreading the good word about turbo´d 1st gens...

well partner......i can´t wait to see your scort in action...perhaps once i get mine going again...we´ll have meet somewhere here in pa...

my plans are simply....new 1.9l efi engine....and a 75 shot of nitrous....i´m to lazy to tear the engine down and rebuild for turbo
.............i mean high boost turbo....i´m sure i could run 2 lbs of boost w/o rebuilding...but i really just need a car....
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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