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my 87 gt is dieing

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hey guys well my scort is on its last leg its making this noise from the motor and i thought it was just the valves but my pops a mechanic of 30 years said it was my barings and that he gives it about 2 months before it dies. but he said if i take it easy on it it might last a little longer but my stuburn ass goes out and races it just as long as it lasts until the end of september ill be fine cause at college labor is free and im getting it built to race
right now the only mods i have are ram air with K&N a free flow exaust and a short shifter.

yotakiller may be down but it is not out
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With all due respect for your pops, I wouldn´t even be driving the car if the bearings were making noise. One a bearing is gone, there is no two months about it, it´s gone now. And driving it around is just goin to make more problems and a more expensivae repair later on. the bearings are the only thing protecting your crank from getting damaged, and with a thrown bearing, you are going to at least scratch it up, or worst case scenario, break it. Scratches can usually be machined out, but that cost money. I guess if you have enough money to throw at a new crank, new rods, and possably a whole new block, by all means, run that baby to red line and give it hell. You only live once, and whats life without liveing through an engine siezure. But if you want you stuff to last till Sept, you might want to start riding a bike, or bumming rides from friends.

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