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I found a mazda mx3 in the junk yard. I already took the seats but was just wondering if there was anything else worth taking. Thanks.
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Anybody have a picture of the Mazda seats in an escort? I´d like to replace my seats, but I want something that looks good and is comfortable (I´m 6´1" and the scort was not really meant for taller people).
did you take the front seats too, or just the rear seats?
can the front seats even fit an escort? The front seats are pimp... I´d like to get a pair.
yeap.. bolt out your seats.. bolt in mx-3 seats.. NO MODs..i am thinking of doin the change over.. maybe after the tranny
.. does anyone have pics of MX-3 Seats in an Escort? i would like to see that.. they are butt comfy.. they like squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze the butt,
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yeah I can´t say I don´t like squeezing butts...


sleeperscort´s page (his name is mike something- the guy with the white pony with the EVO3 bumper) has MX-3 seats in his car. He´s got pics on his page.
rellimpk: i´m 6" flat and I have my seat ALL the way back and I lean back in my seat too. once you get used to it, it´s REALLY comfortable, and it´s awesome for racing too.
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Sweet, something more comfortable would be nice. Not that my seats aren´t comfortable, but they could be better.

Also, there are very, and I mean VERY few escorts around here that are in as good condition as mine is, and even fewer that are modified even the slightest bit (I believe I´ve only seen one, and he/she only lives about 150 yards away from me).
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I´m 6´2"
I love my scort. The other sport compact I love for leg room are second gen MR2´s...talk about leg room.
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I have the MX3 front and rear seats in my car. There´s a pic in the car showcase of the front ones, and there´s a how-to with more pics on my webpage. They are WAY better than escort seats!
hey blade, what years are the 2nd gen mr2´s? I like sport compacts, and my aunt in holland actually owned an MR-2 and loved it. All I can afford are the old 80´s ones. How do they handle ? hows the power?
my girl has a 2nd ge mr2, i think they look better than t older ones and not everybody and there brother has one like the boring honda civics. it does handle really good stock, i couldn´t imagine the susspention worked on it wow. is pretty fast but sh doesn´t have the turbo mr2 or it would be sick. i like it, can´t wait to play with it this summer
I took the front seats and the rear ones. I just got done putting them in and they kick ass. They are basickly bolt on except for the things on the rear seats in place so they dont fall down. You also have to make sure you get those things that hold the bottom of the bench down to the floor. They look badass and i i love them.
This is a highly recommended mod, at least by me.
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Does anyone know if the interior panels that are on the sides in the back seat fit on the 2nd gen egt? Also does anyone know if the seat belt motor and track is the same as the one in the 2nd gen egt? Thanks.
I dont know Trash..

my friend has a 92...I think the 2G started in 91. Yeah the 1G is a 1.6L that revs to like 7.8K but...the 2G is a 2.2, or a 2.0 Turbo. I would go 2.0 turbo ANY DAY.

Had another friend with a 92 turbo. On 14psi he ran mid 14´s all night.
wow they look great, i´m over 6´3 so i have a bit of ajusting to do before i drive. hope i can find a good pair junk yards suck in joysey
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