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muska59. Need your help. Saw a crazy first Gen in Edmonton!!

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I just came back from Dantes and I saw a crazy first Gen. White and Blue. I dont know if it had any mods under the hood, the guy wasnt there. But the outside was really played with. I was just driving by and traffic didnt allow me to stop but. DAMN! I wasnt a fan of all the decals smothering the body but it looked like he put alot of work into it!

any ideas who this is?


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To tell ya the truth i have no clue but once i did see a cool first gen in edmonton that was white i dont know if it was blue too but it was pretty cool.

I hafta go to Pick Your Part this week to get a newer bulb connector so i can hook up my new clear corners, i cant wait.
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Hey. If you read this in time, can you look and see if there is a 5spd 2nd Gen with a good heat shield. Mine is banged up and I need to replace it. I just ordered clear corners myself. do I need a different connector for that? I had no idea.

If you find one with a heat shield, lemme know. And if you can grab it for me ill pay you something for your troubles. If not, no biggy


If you can find me a turn signal bulb connector from a 93 or up escort it would be VERY much apreciated, if you just may come in contact with one or see one let me know, thanx man
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