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Ok im ready to put a new muffler on the scort but dont know which one to go with . So if everybody can give me a few suggestions on the best sounding ( loud) muffler i could get started.I did the air box mod and it sounds really kool but i need something coming out the other end .i dont want it to scream ,i just want a loud deep tone.
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well if you have a GT, get a catback exhaust system from Pacesetter. they´re pretty much the only ones I know of. www.nopionline.com sells them for like 160 bucks or somewhere near that.
no its not a gt , its a 95 lx 1.9. i wasnt really lookin to buy it. it just kinda happened and now i like it and got that itch.now i wish i bought a gt but you know what they say wish in one hand and shit in the other..................
I thought the pacesetter exhaust sucked. I too have the same question, though. Something that doesn´t corrode eaisly in road salt and wetness, too.
And I´ve got a GT and two LX´s, so I guess I´m kinda in the same boat.

I´d like to know what I can get for a GT, though.
Well, Zeemax bought the Pacesetter for his 95 GT and he said it was better quality than what pacesetter has previously put out. I "THINK" that nopionline.com has an exhaust system for a 1.9lx too but i´m not sure. i´d say check it out.
i can get the pacesetter for 135 but i wanted to know how it sounds
wish i could tell you. I usually have my music up anyway so even if i had a great sounding exhaust I wouldn´t hear it
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just out of curiosity -95squirt- where are you getting the pacesetter for the 1.9 for 135 bucks?
I got a DTM dual chamber. I got it from a friend who got it somehow or another so i don´t knwo where it came from. Louder than just about any other car around here. my girlfriend can here for about 3 blocks no lie. I ran 2 1/8" pipe all the way and holowed the cat. I am pleased with it cause it is loud and don´t sound like a coffee can, it has a nice deep loud sound, not like some hondas that sound like a fart driving down the street. So that would be my recomendation. Oh yeah in all the snow and salt i have driven through it hasn´t rusted or corroded yet. Still nice and shiny.
i used to work at an auto parts store and i still know the people that work there really well , anyway we make our own prices on parts ,(within reason) so i get really good deals on parts and i dont have to mail order or waitfor it to ship
My ´91 has a 2-3/4 inch pipe from the flexpipe to the back ending up through a Moroso Spiral-Pro muffler. Sounds awesome and the muffler´s design didn´t take out too mush bottom end. Next will be a full length header. Which reminds me, who make headers for the 1.8??? I can get one made up in stainless or reg steel but I want to go with the cheapest option.

On 2003-01-12 02:07, 95squirt wrote:
i used to work at an auto parts store and i still know the people that work there really well , anyway we make our own prices on parts ,(within reason) so i get really good deals on parts and i dont have to mail order or waitfor it to ship


Does this mean you can throw the FEOA members a bone? I´m not sure how to read what you said, but if you can hook us up, I´m it would be appreciated. I´ll probably be getting a new cone intake and exhaust for my GT sometime in the spring/summer.

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I´m running duel inline mufflers that I bought through AirDynamic Racing in San Diego CA. They are DEEEEP. Pretty loud too with being 2.25" to the rear axle then 2.5" axle back.
Hey 95squirt, that would be great if you could hook us up. If you could get a good 2.25" cat-back exhaust for me, I´d be more than happy to send a little cash your way. let me know, email me at uberscort at knology dot net.
hey blade how is that system run, it sounds kinda interesting. and bout the parts you guys let me know what u need and for what and ill see what i can do.it probably wont help anyone except locals because then id have to ship it to you .
that header from pacesetter for the 1.8 is runnin about 140 bucks and for the 1.9 around 135 bucks maybe a little cheaper but thats pretty close, and i was mis quoted on the exhaust that is runnin between 160 and 200 bucks
for exahust if it is to free flowing does it take away performance?? like for say if there was no muffler just a pipe would it make a difference?
98egt - yes, it will affect performance. You need to have some pressure within the pipe because atmospheric pressure is lower, so it encourages the gas to flow quickly through the pipe. This encourages the exhaust to come out of the cylinder and improves efficiency and promotes scavenging. I´ve heard a lot of people talk about their exhausts on the scorts and most seem to like 2.25"-2.5"
well dude i have the setter exhaust and love it but it´s really designed for a comp package ie;header ff/cat.
some frinds and i spoke about this before, the one kid has an lx and the piping was OK but totally different from mine (as far as quality) the way it was explained (via tech support) is that the 1.8´s has to be more durable (whatever that means).
but as far as sound the pitch changes troughout the rpm´s at idle is a slight rumble(very orgasmic).
oh and screw the resonator if you dont go for the complete package.
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