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Everyone with MSN, should Add me [email protected], and we could start a giant online community with live chat and help each other with problems in real time.. just a thought.
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Hey. that sounds familiar. oh yeah we´re talking about that now on MSN, Add me if you all want to, my name is [email protected] although i should change it to [email protected]
What?? This community isn´t good enough??? That´s the whole point of this site, so people can discuss problems, get advice, and chat with people with common interests. If you want to chat, that´s cool. I chat with people from this site all the time, but just don´t forget that you don´t have to go out of your way to find information. Just search through all the posts, and your sure to find something you want to know. And if what you want isn´t there, then make a new post, and it will more than likely be answered. Don´t forget, this site can´t work without the people who read it.

</A>: Click Here To IM Me => <a href="aim:goim?screenname=azredstang&message=Hi%2Bi%27m%2Ba%2Buser%2Bfrom%2BFEOA">

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this community is wild, i love it here. just me and James92Scort tried chatting on the "chat" thing, and we were talking about our cars, and it was quite laggy actually, so we decided that we would try on MSN, which worked quite well at discussing our cars. I think the posts are great but to get individual help Lag-free chat is beautiful. IM in no way slamming this perfect society here you have going. i Love it to peices.
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we´re not making an actual MSN community, just chattin through the messenger
I´m never on my MSN. But you can find me with [email protected]

But a better way to find me is AIM. BladeERAU is my screen name.
Okay, I guess I´ll join in, my normal ~home~ email is [email protected] but for MSN, use [email protected]

Don´t send email to the hotmail account, as I VERY rarely check it.
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