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MSD Programmable DIS 2: Initial Install

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Well it is installed and it is nice. Just installed a MSD Prog. DIS 2 (6212). So far I have not programmed any of the timing retards, mostly because I wanted to see what would happen without them and I wanted to gauge the upgrades and the fact that I have no real need for them yet, (turbo is not in yet).

Using stock cables and plugs...not advised as stated in the instructions (but this way I will get a better measurement)...idles smoothed and quicker throttle response. However, engine bogs between 2500 and 3200. We will see what the new plugs and cables do to help that (Bosch Super Plugs (Cu) and Magnecor KV85s)...I think the bogging is just the EMI that MSD said was a problem with solid core plug cables. We shall see.

Just so every one knows this is really part of my turbo project, but I figured I might as well install it now being that I could use the ignition upgrade and there is no sense in having it sit around. :)
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I´ve had good luck sticking to NGK V-Powers with my MSD...you´re right idles nice. Actually made the difference from idling with vac leak in the intake and not being able to idle :-]
Well I just bought the Magnecor KV85s today so it is too late for that, they were only $60.00 new so I figured that was a pretty good price. Seeing that some plug wire sets are way out there. BTW how are you retarding your timing under boost, and how is that working out for you?

Do you have any pics of your install ? Where did you pick up the MSD stuff ?
There are some pics on my web page at:Escort KXT Hope that helps. I bought it from Summit Racing. They looked the cheapest and they have a really good return policy.

I am planning on turboing my LX as well. I have talked to one of your friends as well (fuzzydiceQ) i believe. What are you doing for oil return line to let the oil leak out? What about wastegate? Downpipe and piping? How did you go about that? Do you have an AIM account i could hit you up on? Thanks
Yeah my AIM is: myirishboy. And my msm messenger is: [email protected]. I am usually on MSN not AIM.

BTW I just changed my plugs...wow I never thought they alone would be the cause of my bogging but they were. I have not put my new plug wires on but I figure they will help a lot too. The old plugs were bad. Just normal wear but really old.

Is the programming easy? How is it programmed and can it be set to retard any amount of º ignition at what ever RPM you want?
let me put it this way, for about $550, was it worth it? or dont we know yet?
So far it is nice...but $550 for a new ignition coil with smooth idle would be crazy. I dont have my turbo installed yet so "we don´t know yet." I will say this, programing is a snap. All you have to do is download the program from MSD to see just how easy it really is. The second step is hooking up the unit to your computer through a 9 pin serial port (COM Port) in your desk top or laptop. The great thing is that it can retard timing at 0.1 deg increments based on boost up to 45 psi at 0.25 psi increments with an optional boost gauge, as well as RPM, and each individual cylinder (with an optional sensor) too. It can be programed for different retards based on a burnout setting, launch setting, run setting, gear select setting, and others. (It also offers real time tracking of Boost, RPM and Retarding.) I doubt I will use all the features this DIS 2 has to offer on my Escort, but down the road if I chose to put it in a new car there will be no problem. Thats why I like this route better than a custom chip program for about 3/5 the cost.
I dont know when my turbo will be done...esp. with a new baby...but I will keep you all posted and tell you if it was worth it or not. MSD has some good info on it and my web page has a little about what I have found so far but not much more than is on this thread. I will post new info there as it comes avalible. Escort KXT Web Page

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im pretty sure that once he goes turbo.. it will be worth it
Hey Matthew sorry i havnt gotten back to you about the turbo manifold or anything yet i am so busy i dont have time to work on my car. I need it drivable before i will even be able to look for those manifolds and stuff. I will let you know once i find anything out. Next weekend the car should be running then i will go and see if this junkyard has what i think it may have. That being a gold mine full of turbo exps and turbo escorts. If not ill let you know. Thank you for being patient.
If you do run across extra turbo, manifold, DP and intake pipe then please let me know. i still plan on goin to the junkyards around here but it would be alot better if someone already had some they could get for me. thanks
No problem, I am in no rush at all. I will be in the process of moving soon and having that stuff coming in the mail while I am moving would be a hassle so no worries.

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