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MSD Ignition Module and a timing control unit

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Ok, will this work when it comes to the timing on my 94 LX? I would be able to advance and retard the timing as I desire. Now comes the hard part, is this going to fit and function properly with my car??? the unit is a MSD 6A ignition control box and a timing control unit that connects to it.
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I have a 6AL on my car, works great. Granted mine isn´t EDIS, but I think MSD makes a box just for EDIS cars. might want to check out the website www.msdignition.com
It should work fine. just look at the wiring diagram and if you need to just call the MSD tech line. I was wiring up the same setup on mine a month ago and then my car got totaled.
Cobra, so do you have an MSD box you want to get rid of...or if any of you know someone who has an MSD 6BTM around anywhere...let me know.
So just a general question if i bought a 6a for my egt 93 1.8 that has an intake and exhaust and soon to have a gude head and turbo will it really help out the stock motor? i know i will have to get the aftermarket coil yet but will it really help? i know anything is better then stock when it comes to ignition however will i have to set up a timing geez what is it called or does it work off the stock trigger? there is several on ebay for like 50$ so it got me intrested
Too bad I missed this post earlier, but the 6A and 6AL won´t work on an LX or Pony 1.9l with EDIS. You will need the DIS-2 instead. The 6A and 6AL are only for cars with distributors.
I don´t want to get rid of any of my performance parts cause I am getting another GT.Sorry
The MSD is a multiple spark ign. system. I works awsome with a turbo, cause the point is that stock the spark plug fires once on each stroke while the MSD fires multiple times on each stroke, and I also recommend getting the bosch 4 with the MSD, it will only make it work all the better. Now don´t think that this is going to give you 5-10hp it will more than likely give you 1hp .
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The MSD unit only fires multiple times at low RPMs after 3000k rpm (i think) it only fires once per cycle. But i´m sure that one spark is alot stronger than with the stock ing.
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