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Motorcraft WR5762. I believe that they are made by Belden, except that the coil end is different (better on the Motorcraft), and the Belden ones I had only lasted 73K miles. The Belden ones had the exact same spark plug end, including the Ford emblem. I paid around ~33 for these on eBay, and the local price for Belden wires at NAPA is the same. At a Ford dealer, the prices would be $72. The plug wires were made in Mexico. They did not include any diaelectric grease or replacement plastic pieces that the wire loom uses to keep them separate.

This is the box:

This is what the wires look like:

So you can read the writing on the wires:

After installation, this is what they look like:

And yes, that is the correct routing as per the factory service manual. And yes, my car is doing much better with them as well.
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