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like2ride said:
Everything like the internal block parts are hard to find. The only ones that you can find is over see's for the 1.6 and the american block is bigger than that. Now I have managed to find quite a few zetec rods and pistons. Is it possible for you to put the zetec crank, rods, and pistons (Flat tops not 4 valve releif) in the SPI block. If it is then its game on then.
Why are you so worried about the internals? I used to think that these engines were worthless. Until i took the time to READ through the site, and read up as much as i can. I'm still learning, so I won't claim to be an expert. But the SPI is clearly capable of 200+hp with proper tuning. Sure, you could go with a N/A build, but I believe that with bolt on applications, you're only looking at <150hp, then you could start shelling out money on custom made stuff, which is great if you have money, but i sure don't. I believe someone else on the forums is building a 1g CVH, and yes, they are willing to put the money into it, and I'm really excited to see that build.

But, if you're going to go with a DOHC, my personal choice would be the BP. I've seen BP variants with a 0-60 of ~2.6. Most zetec parts are actually for the focus.

Or you could build a KLZE. 200hp from the start, with room to grow.

The point is, there are many options for these cars, you just have to look, and want to look. I remember my first post, i made a total fool of myself because I knew nothing about cars, and didn't read up on my options. :eek: :lol:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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