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coyote-x said:
I would say most likely he drives an SPI because the GT if he had a GT he wouldn't have 'jumped' to 114 horsepower; that'd be a horsepower decrease. And I doubt it's a 2nd gen LX because well... that's a huge hp increase just for getting rid of your sensors and... How is your car running without sensors?!?! I took mine off and it wouldn't even stay running for more than like 30 seconds!
Nope. he's got a 2nd gen LX. and I've seen his dyno sheet. 114 hp, 110 lb ft torque

He's done more than take off some sensors, he's got a chip, a racing cam for the 1.9L and modded intake. He's making 4 less pft than the GTs produce. but he's still got a ways to go on the hp. That's gotta be a nice LX sleeper though...pullin late 8s or early 9 second 0-60s now! :lol: :wink:
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