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As soon as I can get my act together I have some plans in the works for my 94 gt. Drag racing has always been my favorite. I have always worked on and played with old V8 detroit iron. this will be the first four cylinder build up for me and my partner in crime. I will let you all know how things go, we are going to try and do it in stages. most likely like this:
1st stock
2nd header, exhaust, cold air intake,
3rd half mil punch on the block, P&P´d head, perhaps some fuel system upgrades and fuel mgmt system.
4th better clutch, turbo, any fuel system mod i forgot in the last stage.
5th the all important joy juice!

the reason we are going to try this in stages is so we can get a good feel for what the value of each part is. btw stock is stock on a cherry 230,000 mile engine never been touched so this might be a little dissapointing.
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