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Mixing Ethanol and Non-ethanol Gasoline; How to Rinse Out Ethanol Residue

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alphaa10, Jul 2, 2017.

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    Having read accounts of the damage ethanol gasoline poses to older vehicles, and the approaching imposition of 15 percent gasohol on the consumer public, I am determined to avoid the stuff at every opportunity. My questions--

    1. On long trips, finding non-ethanol gasoline is difficult. How does mixing ethanol with non-ethanol gasoline affect the fuel system? (Escort 92 LX 1.9L SEFI and Escort 94 LX, 1.9L SEFI)

    2 I plan to keep a spare (safety-approved) container) of non-ethanol gasoline in the garage, but that container must be "rinsed" of all prior ethanol gas. What is the best method? Pour a pint or so of non-ethanol gasoline into the (empty) container, seal the container, shake thoroughly, and dump the gas (safely)?
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    1. Mixing ethanol with non-ethanol gasoline will cause the injectors to be open for a small percentage more time when in closed loop.

    If there is harm done to the system by ethanol gasoline, then the harm will be reduced proportionally to the percentage that "straight" gasoline is mixed with "gasohol".

    2. Empty the gasoline container by pouring contents into car. Leave open to evaporate.
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    Our cars were designed to handle ethanol, I believe 1G'S were actually, I ran e85 in my 2g and was fine.

    The residue you are thinking of just has to do with moisture and open air. In a fuel injected car, you should have zero problems.

    I just fired up a BMW on 4 year old gas with 10%ethanol.
    If you had an open fuel system like a carburetor or boat fuel tank, I would say you have a real concern. But just in your tank? Nah, I wouldn't even go to a different gas station to avoid ethanol..... Honestly, I think my escorts prefer BP 87, ethanol and all.

    If you have funky corals growing in your tank, run HEET in the yellow bottles, it's pure methanol, and cleans EVERYTHING out of a fuel system.

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