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Well I've been busy, found the problem. As I originally suspected the head gasket was not so good. Was very minor leak to cylinder, however as you can see in the pics the water jackets on the exhaust side were completely plugged up. That's head gasket sealer or radiator fix or something. Was plugged on the head as well, spent one whole day cleaning out the head ports and getting the head in shape. Then a pick and a wet vac on the head along with a razor blade got most of the next day. Just finished up today. So to get rid of the sealant took a head gasket and cleaning the head and block, heater core, radiator, water pump, all new hoses, thermostat too. Along with all new gaskets for the manifolds and throttle body, while I was at it I updated all new injectors, Carter fuel pum
p assembly, plugs, wires, and coil pack.

Runs like a charm for now. Thanks for all the help. I did learn quite a bit. Much appreciated!
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