Mid-west Zetec Meet. Central Indiana. August 12-13-14. | Ford Escort Owners Association (FEOA)

Mid-west Zetec Meet. Central Indiana. August 12-13-14.

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by ZX2Fast, Jul 19, 2011.

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    If you are interested in attending, post as such so I can start a running list and update this post with possible attendees.

    My address is 4212 Main street; Anderson, IN 46013

    Okay, the meet will be held on the weekend of August 12th. I'll be going to the Fast 'n Furious Friday at the local drag strip which starts at 6 pm. Details below:
    http://www.munciedragway.com/Schedule/S ... fault.aspx

    You can come early on Friday or late Thursday evening to install mods on your car. I've got lots of tools and garage space for those needing to do installs.

    Saturday, I'm thinking of seeing what it'll cost to get into the local paint ball field. In the late evening we can hit up the putt-putt mini-golf course and go-kart track. Late at night we can hit up the ricer-riffic parking lot in Greenfield. Well, there are actually a lot of nice cars there too and ricers tend to avoid cars that can destroy them. The lot is always full of people, music, and the cops don't bother them. Or, we can stay here at the house and play some Xbox on the local net and just hang out around the house. We'll have to find some time to get pictures as well. I'll have to scout some locations for this.

    Sunday, kinda open on this. Think of it as a free day. There is the casino if you want or just sleep off Saturday and leave when you get up.

    Lodging: There are plenty of cheap places to rent. The local Motel 6 is around $30-40 a night and we have a few upscale places to stay. I also have a lot of space in the yard to camp. I'll talk to the church across the street to see if we can park there on Friday and Saturday so that we have room in the yard for tents.

    I'm still open to suggestions for events and stuff to do on these days. There is a really good Waffle House 10 minutes from here we can invade on Saturday for breakfast. We also have the IHOP or Denny's we can go to. I guess this one is up for a vote.

    You can friend me on Facebook if you want to RSVP there or post here.

    Facebook: Brad Kirby

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