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Ok, so I am really psyched about my little 1.9HO right now. I was geeting out of work and I pulled up to a stop light and this Mercury Cougar (I think it was a Cougar, it was one of those ugly ass weird looking newer ones) comes flying up to the red light. then when it turned green he launched and went speeding off. I thought nothing of it really and putted merrily along. then I pull up next to him as he is stopped at the next light. He launched again and sped along to the next red light. I looked at my gas as I was aproaching the light and noticed I had about 1/8 tank and though hell there´s a gas station about 4 miles ahead, one little race won´t hurt nothing, beside he has a v-6, he´ll probably blow me away anyway and I won´t embaras my self more than once. So I pluged in my radar detector, double checked for any cops in the distance, and as the next light turned green I launched too. Not too much, just enough to let him know I was there and I was up for a challenge. Well to my surprise he left the same way he had been, and I got the hole shot on him. And he got no closer than my back tire until we got to the next light. I figured it was a fluke and he wasn´t expecting me to launch with him that time. But then I realized he was behind me for more than a half mile before we slowed so he had plenty of time to catch up. Well I know he knows I want to go for it when we hit the next red light. This time I lauched pretty hard and squeeled the tires pretty good when I launched, and he was right next to me until I hit second and he fell back to my back bumper. As i approached about 6 grand he was starting to get to my door and I hit third at about 5.5 grand and he fell back even farther, then I hit fourth and by that time I had a car length on him. I slowed as I went to fith, and let him fly past me, then I hit third again and cought right back with him. I was amazed. And I made sure to give my scort a big hug when we stopped at the gas station. I almost wanted to just keep going and messing with him, but I had my fun for the night.
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