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Beaverboy - do you remember the post I made re by brother-in-law's (proposed) new Merc? Well, he finally bought it:-

It's a 300CE-24 (3 litre V6): There were only three ever made to this particular spec. (made to order by a chap with more money than sense?) It has a removable hard-top and all kinds of custom bits and pieces in the interior. The whole interior is fitted out with Conway leather, including the roof lining. The soft-top is black mohair and is fully automatic. The head protectors normally only come into play if the car leans more than a certain number of degrees either way. It is so easy to drive, drives as light as the Escort and is far smoother. Whether or not you like Mercs., and they're not my favourite by any means, this is one beautiful piece of engineering.
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