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Member/Recommended Mechanics Between Dallas & Waco, TX?

Discussion in 'South West' started by ferretgirl, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Just wondered if anyone has any recommended mechanics between Dallas and Waco? Currently, my main mechanic is the local Oil Change & Lube place (in Corsicana, right between Dallas and Waco).

    Here's what I'm wanting done right now:

    '98 Escort ZX2 - Belt tensioner and pulleys checked and replaced if needed.

    '92 3000GT - Car won't start. Replaced ecm/ecu, so need someone who can get it going. Also has a strong pull when turning, so need rack pinion/steering and alignment checked and whatever's wrong fixed (troubleshooting and repair).

    If anyone knows a good mechanic, please let me know. So far, I haven't found a mechanic in Corsicana who can fix the 3000GT and there's so many in Dallas, I don't know who's good or bad. The local Ford dealer wanted $100 to check my pulleys, so probably not going that route.


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