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member 666 ???

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I hate to waste a post about this but i noticed under stats, total registered was 666 and i am the newest member thats fairly scary
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I know I won´t personally hold you liable for any bad luck happening to me!!
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you are actually member # 668...there are a couple accounts that don´t get added in.

user with the id 666 is kloze. hehe sorry kloze.
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Looks like we´ll have to start a race to get 777 members to overcome the "evil." Everyone tell all your friends to join FEOA and fight the evil. I remember when there were only like 2-300 people on here. I´m glad to see our family is growing stronger, and more diverse. We have people who know nothing about cars, and we have people who are Ford Factory trained technicians, and everything in between. What a wealth of knowledge.
666!!! Holy Moses!!!!!! If your head starts spinning and you puke split pea soup I am out of here
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does it say somewhere in the user lists or something what our ID #´s are?
Would anyone here be frightened if I said that something good always happens to me whenever that number comes up?
I´ve always had good luck on Friday the 13th....so, no.
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durn, i was hoping id be some new mysterious ´scorter amongst everyone. oh well with the natural bad luck i have anyway, its a good thing
I have made it a personal goal to invite a great many strangers who own escorts to join us.When I see a decent scort or even someone who is trying to make their scort better I either talk to them or leave a note to inform them of our little community in hopes that even if they don´t join they may tell another.As far as 666 goes unless you have it appear as a scar hey somebody had to get it and yes I am curious as well to find out what my # is.
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nope, it doesn´t i have special features on my screen being the "super admin" that i am. same with egtdude. so we can see user numbers also.
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