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Megasquirt no fire Jon/Josh

Discussion in 'Engine Tuning' started by uglyducklingescort, Apr 9, 2009.

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    changed the head, was running before. Now no spark.

    Not my car and it is a wiring nightmare you have no idea. The full engine harness is still there along with all of the mega suck and.... Anyway all the wires coming from the ECU are freaking red. Shelby's car.

    Could someone send me a schematic of what is required or how the BP is wired up so that I can at least attempt to get this thing to work.

    Yes all fuses are good. getting power to coil. But, all three lights flash once really quick when I turn the key to ON. No lights afterwards except for the flashing of one light which I am assuming is ignition input.

    Since there are still many things still wired on the factory harness I am not sure what I need and what I don't. As this has made it extremely hard to troubleshoot.
    What else could be going on to cause this? Ways to test? Or even test output on pin 22?

    There is also a resistor wired inline to the ECU. WHY? And is the fast idle solenoid required to run or even send spark? Per the schematics it doesn't look like it nor shouldn't need it.

    If I don't get it running tomorrow I am pulling the full harness and plugging in my Standalone. I hate this thing.


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