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Allright, we all know that the 1.8l Mazda BP engine will fit inside the 2nd gen escort.

What I´d like to know is if the trans from the protoge` of the same period would also drop in properly. My understanding is that both vehicles shared the same engine, so I was wondering if the trans would drop right in, or with minor/moderate modification.

Also, did the protoge` have a rear disk option like the GT that could be used as well? I´m pretty shure that´s probably reaching, but I figured I´d ask.

The reason why is because I have a US LX wagon that I´d really like to turn into a psuedo-sleeper. Who expects a wagon to be mean? Thing is that the local junkyards have an entire collection of *ONE* escort GT, that has already had the engine, trans, and computer removed from it, as well as the rear brake calipers, which I´d like to have as well.

The other reason is that the clutch has about had it in the old wagon... 120k will do that to a clutch... and I´d really rather do the engine swap if I need to pull the entire kit anyway.

Thanks in advance.

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