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BPDWagon said:
Cool, So the BP-D Does work. So I need the Transmission from the protege or an Escort GT? I found the wiring harness. Oh also, Axes /shafts from the protege?
Yup, can use them from the Escort GT as well. You could put in a 95-97 Kia Sephia 1.8L manual trans in it (same, but beefier), but you would need to use the matching mid-shaft and axles because the splines are different. Also grab the shifter assembly, it differs slightly from the wagon shifter. I would get the mounts as well, IDK which differ wagon/BP. If you had it disassembled, you could put the front sway bar and its mounts and bushing for a stiffer front end. You plan on changing clusters? If you have the 80MPH speedo, it will be off using the GT VSS. I assume the wagon is already a manual, otherwise you will need those parts as well.(pedals, clutch master and slave, line, mounts)
Sadly, my wagon is a automatic. so it needs to be converted to manual? I have to change the clusters cause I think it will go faster than 80 now :D, so I also need the computer off of an escort gt?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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