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Maybe I´m crazy. I dunno.

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Lately i´ve been thinking about getting between a 1999-2002 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.
I just love the sound of an LS1 equipped (the base Corvette Engine), $23,830 dollar Detroit-iron monster of American Muscle. I just think about the 310 horsepower, 340 lb-ft torque and it sends shivers down my spine, then i go on to notice the 5.5 second 0-60 and a 13.9 second 1/4 mile, and i get weak in the knees.
I would have to find a second job to be able to afford this car, and I will only want to drive this car in the summer time. (310 horses in the snow scares me, a lot.)
The Z28s are as fast as my dream car, the WRX, but cost 1000 dollars less, base price. I just want to spank my friends Mustang GT and any other GT out there.
I´m sick of being the only car guy in my family that has this as any sort of "hobby" and being the underdog in sports car performance. I want to keep my Escort and make it as fast as a Z28 though...just to put even more hurt on the Stangs.
Any comments, suggestions, questions? I wanna know what you all think. Thanks.
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uhh.... the z28 does not start at 23,000 dollars base. My buddies 98 was about 30,000 dollars.
uh. go to http://www.chevrolet.com/camaro/index.htm and you´ll notice 2002 models start at 23,430. I bet your friend has himself a convertible, which starts at 30,525. I don´t want a convertible, therefore i´d only pay 23,430.
I´ve researched this car quite a bit in the past few days.
oh and btw, spooki, I recently thought about it all, and I don´t think I believe in brand-loyalty. I mean, if you´ve never driven a GM product how can you say it sucks? (you probably have, so i respect your opinion.) By your logic of saying the opposite brand sucks, someone who hates Ford could say Ford products suck, and i have a few coworkers who do hate Ford, so believe me, I hear it about my car daily. To me it all comes down to personal choice of a vehicle. I´m not asking you to buy a Camaro, I´m saying I want to. thanks for the input though.
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OUCH!!!!!! You don´t deserve to be a scort owner. How could you do that to it? This reminds me of Herbie. You know the scort is just going to kill the camaro when you´re not looking. You need to put your scort up for adoption for even having such an evil thought. I´m game for adopting it though
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such an evil thought? what evil thought did i have about MY scort? I don´t hate her, but my coworkers don´t like Ford. You´re right, if i turbo my scort, give it 250 hp + then it probably will kill the Camaro, but the Camaro is something I´ve been wanting. I probably won´t get one till next summer though because i don´t want to buy it and drive it in the snow. I don´t want to drive anything in the snow...but the Escort is more fun in snow.
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No actually his has t tops. I my self am very familier with this car. The one that they have listed with that price has like no options to it. I dunno to me that really would kinda suck. If I´m gonna buy a car like that I am gonan go all out with the luxery also.
Ouch Scort, hard comment.

I´m not brand loyal at all. In fact when I bought my scort I never even test drove it. All I was looking for was a DOHC motor with a 2dr 5speed, and under 4k. I would happily get a C5 Vette. In fact I dont think its the brand that makes the car, its the engineering. All companies have made the best and worst. ... Okay, Except for McLaren

(all opinion really, not necessarily true)
Worst: base model Pinto (oh yeah)...maybe a good run against the Taurus (hahaha lol)

Best(s): 67 Cobra, GT40, GT90, 93´ EGT

Worst: Metro 1.0L, early 80´s Nova (literally, No Va), 80´s Cavy´s, hmm.. P.O.N.T.I.A.C 1975----

Best: C5 Vette, 67-69 Camaro (oh yeah),
The LS1..nuff said there. more to be said

Worst: SOHC Neon !!!! Okay I dont want to spend all day typing
Best: DSM! Hemi-what? first all american V10 you KNOW IT! (but damn uncomfortable to drive)

Okay anyhow, little fun with the board. g´night all
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im not that brand crazy
ther are some great cars besides fords
but i think a camaro isnt one.
if all you have to do is buy a camaro or mustang to be cool count me out.
why dont you look into a used wrx or something
if your going to get anoter car atleast get a better one
im not trying to bash you for wanting a camaro. thers nothing like owning the car that you want, not the one you can aford.
just buy the car that you want and will be happy with, not the car that your friends think are cool. after all whos paying for it.
hey james maybe you herd this also, since yoy are a big fan of the wrx as i my self am also. I work for a construction company and we just built a brand new subaru dealership. Well someone there was tellin gme in the sprin they are gonna make a twin turbo 280 horsepower WRX. I can only imagine the sticker on that baby, But I am gonna start saving my pennys for that. Can you imagine an all wheel drive twin turbo 5 speed. I am getting chills thinking about it.
I didn´t hear about a twin turbo WRX, But I have heard that Subaru is thinking about bringing the WRX STi to the states. (STi being the European Base Spec WRX)...which brings us 276 hp, it´s either a 5 sp MT or a 6 sp MT, (can´t remember, but i do know European STi´s have 6 sp.) and AWD as well, maybe thats what he was talking about to you, I dunno. That sent shivers down my spine. I´ve loved the WRX since it was unveiled and put on sale in the states in March 2001, and i´d give anything to buy that car. BUT...there´s the Camaro on the other hand, it´s something about an American 5.7L V8 that also sends shivers down my spine... even more so right now. Yes, I´ll have a few options on my Z28 IF I buy it. But not 7 Grand worth.
I´d go with power windows and a 6 speed MT, w/o the Hurst (it´ll be fun putting my own short throw shifter on there), fog lamps, and a few other minor details. But I´m not sure if I want the responsibility/costs of it yet. I don´t care what my friends think of my car now, go look at my car at www.cardomain.com/id/james92scort you´ll notice how shitty my car looks at the moment. As I´ve said before, I´m not brand loyal. hell I have like 8 different brands of socks in my closet right now, none of them match with each other.
I´m thinking about buying this car because it´s my turn to get something that I´ve truly wanted. If I scrap the Camaro idea and buy a WRX, so be it...they´re roughly the same price, close 0-60 times, etc. It´s just that the WRX is already turbo´d at 14.2 psi, so it´s not going to be easy to up that to get more power out of it without ripping out the exhaust/intake, etc.
Either way, I get what I feel I deserve.
Thanks for all the input, I would have written this morning, but I didn´t have the time before work started.
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Forgot something. Blade: you can say the 1.0L Geo Metro sucks, but I have to disagree, although it´s not fast by any means it was a great little car. It never once left me stranded, my Escort has left me stranded. (almost twice, I´m lucky the clutch held till i got home.) It was light and nimble, got 40 mpg, or 2 weeks to a tank, and it got me started on the 5 sp manual. I even named that car "little blue", and when an S10 hit me at 45 mph, I think it held up pretty well. The chassis took all the impact and i didn´t even feel much of anything, except the G force as i was spun 180 degrees, but if a 1 1/2 ton truck hits an 1803 lb car, thats what you´ll get. I still wish i had that car, but I´m also glad I have my car. I dunno. that´s my story about the 1.0L 3 banger I used to own.
I know I shouldn´t say this on a Ford website, but, I am really starting to hate Ford alltogether. Don´t get me wrong I love my EGT, but Ford as a whole just isn´t up to par. Did you know that they just recalled almost 600,000 Focuses (Foci?) do to safety problems
.Other than that, I do not prefer any particular brand. I look at the cars themselves an then decide if they are worthy enough to be in my driveway.
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yeah it was the STi he was talking about. I could have sworn he said it was twin turboed though. 14 psi of boost is alot of stock boost. Most that run it now only have about half that stock.
James, interested in twin turbo Scooby....go to www.forcedairtech.com This guy´s name is Rob Ansick. He used to live in the county area outside of my town. He has a twin turbo Outback that is F*^%king AMAZING.

He also built a custom turbo kit for my friend Kevin on his 2.5L RS Impreza. On 8psi boost all 4 tires smoke up like you wouldn´t believe.
I hate that when people say "GM sucks" or "Ford Sucks". It´s stupid. Pontiac (GM is general) F#^*ed up bad. I am really dissapointed about the discontinueing the Firebirds. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Firebirds and planned on buying a BRAND new one when I got the money, but that´s not gonna happen. So they´re replacing it with the GTO, woopy do. I don´t want a GTO, I want a FIREBIRD. Anyways, now that I´ve got that out of my system.

I think before you say a car sucks, find out what the hell your dissing... I hate that when people say Firebirds suck and they try to tell me their uncle´s brother´s V6 Mustang is faster... bull doggies.

If I were you, I´d definately look into the Camero, but if your gonna spend your money on one, make it a damn good one.
yeah i said gm sucks, cant you take a joke. and i dissed comarro/firebird because i have driven them, and i wasnt impresed. there just cheep horsepower.i bet you cant find one older than 6 years that the paint hasnt started to come of, the dash falling apart, the head liner falling down, and then it starts to burn oil.
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They quit making the firebird because it´s the twin to the Camaro, which is getting outsold by the Corvette for the first time in a long time.

Oh, and Spooki, guess what the hell is happening to my Escort friggen´ GT? The paint is coming off, rust all over the place, the shifter sucks, the engine is falling apart, the radiator is leaking, the struts are crap, it´s misaligned, and right now it´s bouncing everywhere because something is wrong with the intakeexhaust. you name it, i have or will have to replace it on my car. My point is not every car company is perfect, and you can´t let one car bring your opinion of that company down.
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