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Yeah you heard right.....Me and my pappa dukes were on the way to our wonderfull store with a fresh new door(cause the people that broke in broke the glass in the door) and I see a beautifull gt on the side of the road same color as the one in bareends ad so we stop (which makes me late for work but the beauty about owning your own business is you cant fire yourself) and its filthy on the inside but its only got 39000 on it 5 spd and she wants 2g's for it negotiable so my mom and dad went away for the weekend and he said when he comes back we most likely 85% chance of us getting it...... :p its amazing how a week can start out so $hitty and end up slowly getting better except for the back my fingers are all burned from lighting candles for the power outage :evil:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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