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Matt and Justin

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Hey guys, Thursday the 12th (tomorrow by our clocks) is the last day of the Sport Compact Season. Well I´m going down in the late morning to check out as many speed shops as I can and will be heading over to Firebird around 7. Hopefully I´ll have enough time to find some higher octane fuel and give the turbo some time to cool. I think I´m going to run. My whole club, TachedOut, will be down too (well if they get cash to run).

If you get a chance head on over to Firebird and just look for the white scort sitting on 17s with the DEEP exhaust. I´d love to meet ya guys.

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I´d love to make it out but it doesn´t look good. We start moving stuff to our new house friday night so I´ll probably packing like mad. I´ll see what I can do though. make sure you let us know how it goes!
Hey Matt, I really hope you can make it out, even if its only for an hour or two. My friend Brian (ScortGt) is also coming down from Preskit with me.

We need to get Justin there too so it can be an actual AZ FEOA meeting.
argh its a no :( I spent the whole evening looking at appliances because it turns out my new place doesn´t have a fridge (we knew we needed a washer/dryer). So no packing got done. Which means I´ll only have one more evening to finish packing before the big move date. Sorry dude!
Hey Matt I´m going to be down in Phx all day, so be on the look out.

Justin if you catch this board, com´on out to Firebird tonight.
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