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Ok this is my first post. but i have been looking through here for quite a while. So im not totally a newbie.

Anyways, Here goes.

1st: Can you use a miata turbo manifold (assuming its the ones that bolt the turbo to the bottom not on top. obviosuly.) on a escort? I would imagine the height wouldnt be a problem as far as the oil pan return but the radiator would.. So if it was a problem has anyone tried using a radiator out of say a honda you know they have those midget half radiators...?

2nd: I have been reading that you can use the stock ecu from a gt which i also understand cant go any higher then 8lbs or so. but isnt the stock wastegate or boost controller (not sure which controls boost stock) is set at like 8lbs? So my point is can you just throw on a turbo manifold, vj-20 turbo, fmic and piping and such the like, and run off stock electrical from the gt?

3rd: Number two brings me too three cause i also heard you should use a three wire from the gtx or gtr? But is this only for monitoring to get a better reading to the AFR gauge? Also heard rumour of using the stock one wire but getting the reading off the ecu..? how would that make a difference? cause its already processed? which makes no sense cause there shouldnt be any output like that on the ecu. I mean where would it go to?

4th:What are the advantages of a SAFC? I mean obviosuly you can adjust the fuel curves and such i think. but will that do anygood on a gt ecu? what about a manual boost controller? If i get one crank it too 10 lets say..i know thats straining everything so could i just get a better fuel delivery system or is it just the ecu that would not handle the boost?

5th:Can i get about 180-200hp by buying if all goes well...a vj-20, stock exh mani, a corksport downpipe, and fmic on a stock fuel pump, injectors and gt ecu?

Im sorry about all the questions but i know someone out there knows the answers. I was originally doing a N/A build up but stopped in the middle cause of funds. but i have a new job now so I really want to have upgrade paths after this build and i think turbo would be best. I currently have the MBSP out of a early SOHC and the crank out of the same. (which makes more questions) I WAS gonna buy the 10:1 full floating pistons from the 2001+ miata but if i go turbo those are scrapped. I bought the cams from 99 miata and am gonna get the shims and what not to get those to work. No port or polish. Not going extreme just basically bolt on. of course im having someone go through the head. O ya i have the 99 head which is supposed to flow better has anyone used this head and a EGT intake mani? the angles are diff i have heard but the ports are the same...one problem there is the distributor. the 99 head is missng one of the two bolt holes..so i would have to fix that somehow...anyways if it wont work i can sell some one the bare head and the cams from a stock kia, egt with low miles from j-yard.

6th:I have heard different things again about the MBSP fitting in the GT pan (its the ribben aluminum). but i dont want to cut the thing cause that would kind of defeat the purpose. And if i have to change to a SOHC pan will it fit? I remember someone sayin they (mazda) made a steel and aluminum pan but have never seen the steel one. is it the only one that will fit the MBSP and fit on a escort? Cause i assume the miata pan wont work....

7th: The crank in the SOHC sometimes was not forged? How can you tell?

8th: As i understand it if you use the stock pistons from a SOHC bp with a DOHC head you get 8.2:1 instead of 8.8:1. On turbo motor lower comp is better i know but if i was only at 8lbs would 8.8 be ok or if i had 8.2 could i turn up the boost some? or would they offset each other? Also if i had 8.8 would that give me better torque before spool up? better then 8.2 i mean. And heres another could i go 9.5 on 8lbs? i know miata had those...

9th:(DAMN i know lots of Questions) The whole vent to the atmosphere thing with the BOV. I saw on a video a company i forget the name makes a reciulating bov that does both its was crazy...gives you like an adjustable ratio of recir to venting (like a garden hose splitter with the little turning ball inside? can you picture that? sorry) they said i think a 80 recirc. 20 vent was like optimum. It was made for DSM and Volks i think but.. could i make that work? Cause i want the sound but want reliable..Not richining crap or stalling. Or if i go GT ecu would it have to be 100% recirculating since its not as compatible with turbos?

Geez thanks guys :roll: i havee been looking but never found hard answers so if you dont know please dont post BS thanks in advance.

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1: no... waste of money... the motor is setup differently under the hood so basically nothing but the turbo would work mechanical parts wise.

2: people have been using the stock gt ecu on a gtx motor... which has a knock sensor, so the timing adjusts. so to the best of my knowlage no a bp with a turbo will not do on the stock ecu alone. (its the wastegate that controls the boost... stock 8.8psi on the vj 20 internal wastegate)

3: im not so sure i understand this 3 wire what, o2 sensor? this would be for better fuel control... lean = kaboom so the more accuracy the better.

4: the safc is good i hear... only draw back is that is not the only thing you would need to turbo. you would still need timing adjustment. some people even run these on their na motors and love them. (not to many here, i know there was one on erdt). i myself am haveing a hard time deciding if i want to spend the time and money on megasquirt (standalone) or just go safc (piggyback) and a boost timing controller.

5: im not sure. i would not risk it... think of it this way it is better to be prepaired for large demands so your parts are working at 1/2 or 3/4 power than your stockers running 100% all the time. not to mention the injectors and walbro fuel pump can be had combine for like 300 bucks.

thats all... im not even going to waste my time writing "im not 100% sures" on the the rest of them

also what motor... your talking alot about mazda stuff then you talk about sohc and ish... im cornfused.

also it is a known fact now that the stock gt compression 9. something to 1 is PERFECT for boost. you get a perfect mix of bottom and top end. lower compression will require more boost to match a higher compression motors power with boost.

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sorry i was trying to get everything out and looks like i didnt explain myself correctly.

1st:When i was talking about the miata exh. manifold i meant just the manifold not like the whole kit cause i have seen about three different types of configurations tube style and cast style. but it looks like they mount different. and i was just wondering since they are much easier to find if anyone had actually tried them. But i also understand most mount on top which obvisouly wouldnt work..

2nd:Uh..not sure about this one basically i have a Stock BP and am just wanting to put turbo on it. So if i understand you correctly your saying a GTX motor differs other then the obvious from the N/A BP in like my escort by the knock sensor..I thought my car had one not sure on that, but anyways. so again if i understand correctly i need one for a turbo? I understand that for safety you would but i can believe you would have to have one.

3rd: the o2 sensor. it was a post just a little while ago someone was talking about putting ina wideband and had a turbo motor he was told not to becuase the stock ecu wouldnt support it. Anyways he was talking about building his own AFR gauge and was wondering if it would be accurate enough and someone said too take the reading (tap) off the ecu.

sorry to calirfy again when i talk about SOHC im talking about the single over head cam 1.8 from mazda which share the same bottom end as the DOHC. asside from obviously the MBSP (main bearing support plate) which helps with flex. I wasnt refering to ford SOHC.

Thanks again

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Ok so here is another question. I found a gtr ecu yes GTR not gonna say the price its pretty high but...anyways. First is there a daffinative (sp?) site for the wiring change over. As i understand it there is only like 5-10 wires that have to b lengthened moved spliced or what not? Secind this wile knock sensor thing...Do i need it? and if i have the gtr ecu then do i have to have it? cani put it in my gt block? can i buy one that will work not from a gtr like a new one at a parts store.

Second set of questions is, i found a gtr turbo also pretty costly. So corksport has there turbo's cheaper but none in stock and there smaller. How much boost could a VJ20 put out as opposed to a vj16? Is it just that much better?
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