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egtdude said:
just for the record that kind of crap isn't accepted here. We are an escort board... big suprise. If you don't want to hear tips about making them faster I'd suggest you try another board.
boofers said:
OR you could replace your muffler with a cheap normal one, save your money up, buy an actual "sports car" to supe up and use the escort as a winter beater...
SORRY ESCORT FORUM FOR MY NEGATIVE COMMENTS! You are right, I take it back. Modifying cars is a worthy endeavor regardless of the type of car it is, unless of course we are talking about Dodges. I'm just in a really really bad mood lately since my girlfriend recently dumped me... something about a tiny shifter...

Oh and as for Magnaflow mufflers I have them on my vette. They sound great and more importantly they aren't obnoxiously loud, fairly quiet at idle even...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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