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ok i dont want to make anyone feel bad r anything but why is everyone racing around in there lx´s . im not to sure how fast they are in all the years but my friend has a 91 and its the slowest thing i ever rid in. i could beet it up to like 25 on my bmx bike. was just wandering what people have done tho theirs to make them fast? my friend wants some advice.
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my 95 lx wagon is slow as hell whtn you´ve got two people and cargo, but when you take out the seats, spare tire, and throw in a clean air filter and some good ol 5w-30 mobil-1 synthetic oil, it´s pretty quick. Still not the fastest thing out there though. The top end of the LX sucks, but without the weight, the low end is pretty good.

I still want a gt though.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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