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lx to ztech finaly done.

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well guys im finally finished its done i have built a escort hybrid. i now have a 95 lx with a zx2 enigine and tranny and more. i am smoking hondas left and right. but i am still in the testing stage. listining for noises and looking out for smells. right now i am running full synthetic motor oil and transmission fluid. i will have pictures up soon. next step is to mod.
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its been about a month now and my engine swap is still sucsessful. the next step is timing advance kit, then turbo. and if that goes well i will be putting new rods and pistons then nos. along with rear disk breaks.
was it ´relatively´ easy to swap? i´m thinkin of doin the same thing eventually, once i actually pay off the car and get some good $$$
Sweet!!I don´t guess anyone knows where someone can get their hands on an SVT Ztec engine. I think putting one of those in my Scort would be awsome.
Jeez how did I miss this post?! You´re only the 2nd or 3rd guy I´ve seen do this swap. I like seeing people try new things with their scorts. If you can get some pics I´d like to see em. Good job on the swap and have fun with it.
Quick thing, timing advance and turbo...bad idea.

Looking for an SVT Zetech...I know where you could get one, and the 6speed tranny too...but you´d have to go for a "really long test drive" at my local Ford dealership.
why is a turbo a ´bad idea´ ?? you realize that the zetec is the same engine that is used in all the cossies? not to mentin it´s been Fords WRC engine for over a decade??

I build turbo kits for ALL zetec engines and I´ve yet to come across a configuration that did not take to boost like a fish to water.

hell I´m pushing up to 2 bar at 400hp..
im not putting anny one down or doubting that anny one else has done this but i know all the trouble it was and what all it took. so i do have to say that i wouldnt belive it untill i see it. but then again i did it and that means some one else could have. this swap was a pain and it was realy hard. but i think that if i had the chance to i would defenatly do it again. and about the svt engine. i would love to have that and the tranny. but of course i would need the computer as well i do belive. if anny one needs proof i will be more than happy to send anny picture of anny part of the car. i am trying to get alittle recognized for this. but its realy no big deal.
turbo is one of my next mods but i wont go over 7psi, thats about all the rods can handle. i am getting ready to do another type of swap and i will keep you guys informed about it.if anny one would like to email me the adress is [email protected] or @hotmail.com . you can view my car threw its progress and before the swap at: http://www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/concert/34/id21.htm .
I never said I doubted you doing it. Also, I have seen pictures of at least 2 other cars with this swap. One was turbo´d too, and the other is a wagon. It is defintely a sweet setup and again congrats on pulling it off.
I am impressed. I do a great deal of fabbing and using parts that were never meant for each other, but I had not thought the Ztec was a feasible swap. What all did you have to do -- mounts, wiring, shift linkage, etc.? How about some pics, so we can Oooo and Ahhhh.

As for the forced induction, have you thought about the Jackson Racing supercharger kit for the Ztec?

Nice work.

Great news to see someone else has done it!!! Have u had great performance gains??? And I plan on doing the same w/ my 93 LX!! I want all the details for my swap!
7 psi at 7500 RPM is immediate failure mode.. mening that at 7 psi even if you ohnly run to 7000 rpm your stressing everything FAR FAR too much, at 5 psi at 6500 rpm your main bearing caps will ´swim´ more then 3/8" my advice, as someone who builds turbo kits for the zetec, is to go to .3 bar ( 4.5 psi) and run that until you do some internal mods, contact me at the zx2ner ezfourm or emial me for for what you should do to go above that... at 4.5PSI you can run safely to 7500 rpm. as long as you don´t sit on it for hrs.
wow I can´t believe I missed this one either! awesome. send us some pics when you get some. maybe we can make an article out of it if you are interested. send me a private message so I remember

Also he said timing advance + turbo = bad idea.... timing should be retarded not edvanced when turbo etc
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i will be glad to send some pics. and an article sounds great. i will have pics up in a couple of days. i probly wont be able to do anny mods untill i get some sponsers. super chargers are nice, but my weapon of choice is turbo. although beggers cant be choosers. as for this mod being so dificult i wouldnt recomend it for anny one but an expereanced machanic. but it is doable for a beginner.
how do you post pics? i have plenty. im going to put them on my web site. so try that. http://www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/concert/34/id21.htm
I hit your link and I´ve got a question about the swap. Did the Ztech bolt up to the tranny on the 1.9 because in the pic you still have the drivers side wheel on and it looks as if only the motor was coming out. And how long did it take to get it up and running cuz I plan to turbo mine when its finished
well the picture that you see of the 1.9 being taken out is of when i first rebuilt the engine. i never took the trand mission out untill i did the swap. as soon as i put my 1.9 back in the transmission went out. so two months latter i did the swap. it took me alittle over a month and a half. i put the engine and transmission in my car. since the 1.9 tranny was shot. i only had first and barely 3rd. it was an automatic. dont ever let annyone tell you its a fast swap.
if anny one has anny personal questions my email is: [email protected]
are the pics good enogh? do you need more?
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