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lx gt combo

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ok i have a 91 lx 5 dr auto and a 87 gt manual i want a nice little sleeper to knock off the riceboys around here cause i hate it when other people think there car is sweet from lack of knowledge. but i wanna take the lx and make something nice.. for the lx i have a 1.9l sefi auto trans with motor and cracked head, then i have a 1.9l sefi manual motor and trans,(good condition) then the 87 gt is stock with the 1.9l ho manual engine trans. just need to know if i can get a good combo out of that even there are more parts needed as you can see i have some parts already, i also can get for cheap another lx 92 5 dr with a good auto motor body in good condition. money dont really worry about that recently gave up on college so im living a t home with no bills. hey please help me out here the summer is coming and the ghost has to be ready yeah almost forgot to ask you all to mention a good sound turbo that could be add´d along to whatever may be created from this.. and what was that about combining 2.0l block to a 1.9 head or any combos that i can do the 1.9l ho head to the 1.9l sefi anything that will better me for the riceboy overthrow.

The Ghost IS Near

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If I were you I would concentrate on the 87 GT. It is lighter than the 91 and already has more horsepower. I´m also partial to the 1st gen Escorts too though. If you wanted to work on the 91 though I would definately swap a manual tranny into it if you have the means. Also putting the HO motor in there would be a nice start too. In order to do that though you would have to swap out the computer and wiring harness since the HO isn´t SEFI. If you wanted to turbo your car than leave the LX block in there and just swap the HO head onto it. The reason behind this is that the HO head has bigger combustion chambers whitch when paired with the flat pistons on the LX engine would lower the compression alowing more boost to be run safely. But if you wanna stay N/A with the SEFI engine then you best bet would be to rig the header from the HO motor onto the LX motor. Might be tricky but it is doable.
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Well Pimp_scort your bias is good, I don´t own a 1st gen but I would say concentrate on the car that says GT on the back, it´s lighter, has 20 more horsepower and NO ONE expects an old ass Escort to stomp on them off the light. I say work on the GT too. :)
Anyone know what the weight difference is between a 1st gen GT and a 2nd gen GT or LX coupe? I´d be really impressed if you knew the stock weight of an LX wagon ;)
Stock weights vary slightly from year to year, I guess cause Ford made minor changes or changed standard equipment. Here are weights for 87 and 91 to give you some idea:

1987 Escort GL 3dr 2,187 lbs
1987 Escort GL 5dr 2,222 lbs
1987 Escort GL wgn 2,274 lbs
1987 Escort GT 3dr 2,516 lbs

1991 Escort LX 3dr 2,312 lbs
1991 Escort LX 5dr 2,355 lbs
1991 Escort LX wgn 2,411 lbs
1991 Escort GT 3dr 2,364 lbs

Ghost, as for which car to concentrate on, for me it would depend on which is in better condition as far as being rust-free, not dented up, etc. No use putting a lot into the engine if the body´s a wreck, and auto body work is way expensive unless you´re able to do it yourself.
I think either the 87 or 91 could have good potential, especially if you´re not afraid to consider engine/trans swaps or turbocharging. I believe the chassis dynamics (handling) is better in the 2nd gens, but then again the right suspension setup would address that too.
Good luck & have fun! :p
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*is impressed*

Only 2,400 some odd pounds... not bad at all. I´ve been having some dreams about an SVT engine w/ 6 speed tranny and a jackson racing supercharger in my LX.. that would be about 225hp or more in a vehicle weighing under 2,500lbs.. wow.. that´s fast. I´d love to see the faces on some GS-T driving fools as I take em for a lag free run.

GhostScort.. do it.. wagons are the ultimate sleepers (unless it´s a BMW or Audi)
yeah but the wagons handle like crap.

Stick a V8 block in a festiva or a metro.
Talk about handling like crap! A v-8 in the nose of a tiny car like that wouldn´t be good for anything curvier than a freeway.

The wagons, for your information, have a better fore/aft weight balance than the coupes. The only thing I´m worried about is weight transfer off the line. The handling is.. well, lets just say understeer is less of a worry for me than it is for you.

26-02-2003 at 14:28, siragan wrote:
yeah but the wagons handle like crap.

Stick a V8 block in a festiva or a metro.


LMAO. hey, I´m actually considering trying to find a Good 91-95 Geo Metro (5sp stock), pulling the engine/transmission and then find a good 2nd gen EGT engine and tranny and dropping them in it. Then put on 15 or 16" rims, etc. You wanna talk about a sleeper? no one expects to be pulled away from by a Mazda powered Geo Metro. If I could find a BPT, then I could rebuild the turbo and that would make it even more of a sleeper. That would F*&^ing rule. One of these days when I have money out the ying yang.... ;-)
You know whats odd? I find that my 87 scort handles better than my 91. Actually it can´t corner as fast and has a little more body roll, but for some reason I feel safer in the 87, like its more predictable. Anyone else notice this? Also my 87 has far less rust on it that the 91 even though its older, weird huh? As for your question I would stick with the car thats in better shape and use the HO head on the lx block like pimpscort said.
here´s what i´m thinkin bout doing..gettin rid of my T28 turbo and manifold thats sittin around and swapping the 2.0zetec engine from a 99 zx2. Its only like a 3 hp gain from what my 92 gt has, but its new OBD, newer and less mile engine...they make soooo many parts for those cars including a jackson supercharger kit....i´m suprised no one has said something about doing this.... Yeh, the wiring would have to be mostly redone, but then again, swappin a gt engine to an lx would be practically the same amount of work...
i messed up sorry my 91 is not a wagon its the 4dr hatchback but thanks for the info.....can i get some more info on the switching of the heads or blocks even if a switch requires something that i dont have already....info on condition the 87 has been sitting for like two years and the 91 was running until last year i lost my license but anyway the 87 has been backed into something and a window is missing the 91 would be better in condition ive done somecustom interior to it already so im try´n to go sec gen if that helps

27-02-2003 at 11:55, GhostScort wrote:
i messed up sorry my 91 is not a wagon its the 4dr hatchback but thanks for the info....

Ghost, you did say you have a 91 LX 5dr, not a wagon. Someone else started talking about wagons and confusion ensued....
Your 91 will make a great sleeper! BTW I have a 91 LX 5dr too. :p
WTF is a 5 door if not a wagon? I didn´t realize there was a 4 door hatch made in ´91 that wasn´t a wagon.. ack.

Just found some pics guys.. sorry.. never noticed the difference before. I appologize for any confusion with the wagon/5dr thing.

Anyway.. WAGONS RULE :-]

*leaves thread* :-|
aight i dont we have came up with to much here so what combo will work and i already know about the headers. im talking about block and header combo....there was once something saying a ho header on a 2.0 or 1.9 something im try´n to try something for the board here so the 1.9 can get a starting ground to stay up with the gt.. more help please

28-02-2003 at 09:56, GhostScort wrote:
im talking about block and header combo....there was once something saying a ho header on a 2.0 or 1.9 something

Sorry, don´t know a lot about first gen (81-90) but I believe that the 1.9L GT´s had a HO head. I´m not sure if it fits a 91 1.9L engine. I don´t think there´s any such thing as a HO header which came on any year egt, but I have heard that the GT manifold that came on the 1.9L GT is adaptable to the 3rd gen 1.9L engine and is an improvement over the stock manifold.
Again, sorry I´m not more knowledgable on this, but hopefully someone else will read this and add to or correct what I´ve given you......
aight i found what i had seen.....its the 2.0 spi block with the 1.9 sec gen head and an aftermarket or 1.9 ho gt cam and throttle body and exhaust manifold.... it was in a forum but they never finished it. im wondering if any tried it, that would be a nice strong motor without forc3ed induction. get some intyernals and head work then turbo, :-o but i dont no if it never worked out or it should work. i have all the parts handy. if that setup can be alter to work please bring suggesstions. :-Z
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