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Lowering My Scort

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Hey is it possible to shave a coil or two off my stock springs to lower it a little. Has anyone done this and does anyone know any cons to doing this???
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I´ve done that before with OTHER vehicles, but you just cant do it on a secondgen scort, it all depends on the way the ends of springs were made, and you´ll just wind up with a bunch of junk, or at least a dangerous suspension. gotta buy some that are made to fit. sorry.
i dissagree, i took a link out of each of my springs, on my escort, and it actually seems to ride much better. it i verry eassy, and of course possible. but only do it if you know what you are doing.
No NO NO NO NO!!!!!

Do not cut or heat your springs!!!!!


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Escort springs are weak enough as it is.
Taking a revolution out of the spring will weaken it even more and increase
your chance of snapping the coil.
Trust me, I work on these cars all day long.
Thanks for the input guys, I knew it would be risky looks like I´ll dish out the dough also whats the lowest I can go with 15s?
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