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the next thing on my list for my scort is to have a lowered suspension by summertime. i have a checklist and was wondering if i was missing anything, and if anyone had any comments of their own: what works, brand recommendations, etc..


lowering springs (so far, on order 1.8"/1.8" drop)
camber kit (i plan on upgrading to 15" or 16" rims in the near future)

other things similar, but not:

front strut tower brace
motor mounts

anyone care to comment on whether or not im on the right track? any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

p.s. slap, if you can, could you please move this to the 'suspension' forum. i've been having issues with my account for days and haven't been able to post anything with ease. it's been sending me to a "debug menu" everytime i hit submit. anyway, thanks.
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