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lot of checks!

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yeah i work in a property managemnt company, i am the one who mails out all the checks and distributes them in the company also!
well some of the aprtment complexes the company owns had to pay the tax collectors today!

even though i dont see cash, i still had to hand over 2.25 million dollars in checks! just thought of cars went throguht my mind!

but i do about that at least every month in checks, today was all in one!

well just thought i would say something!

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would anyone actually notice if ya pocketed just one of those envelopes?
oops, just a slip of the hand! ;-)

that´s a lotta $$$ to be responsible for though...lol i thought i saw a lot of cash when counting money floats for a pizza shop at close time :-]
If i saw that kinda cash I´d be adding it in my head going "theres my Corvette Z06... there´s a supercharger kit for it...there´s my 18" rims...there´s some 15" subs and a 1400 watt amp for it..."

meanwhile I´d be drooling all over myself and probably on a few of the checks. lol :-]
to imagine is not bad to act is and sometimes one leads to the other . to be trusted with that much money in checks or cash is a great honour that should not be taken lightly . I know that you are honest or you wouldn`t be trusted with that kind of job but keep your imagination in check and your actions honourable . I.E. leave the money alone if its not yours and sleep well at night with a clear conscience . if I had that kind of money to just do as I wanted with, I`d pay off my car ,settle some bills , and get the Jaguar I want . Glad you are trusted like that it`s a great honour as I said that they have that kind of faith in you . hope I haven`t offended as that was not my purpose only to remind us all that we must always be faithful in our dealings with others .
yes im to honest,

but as my grandpa used to tell my dad when he was a kid,
its not worth steeling unless you steel enought to pay for the lawyer and sone left over

but i still wont steel!
Bronze and titanium are bad too, but mercury is the worst.. it can cause irreverseable brain damage, which, in turn, can mean horrible spelling and grammar. :-o
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