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loss of oil at oil change

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hey could anybody help? when i go to change my oil at 3000 miles i usually put my oil back in the bottles that i used to fill it, i put in 4 quarts but i return only about only about 3 quarts sometimes slightly less. i don´t see anything funny coming out my exaust and there isn´t a drop of oil on that engine anywhere. does this sound like a slightly worn valve seal, that maybe i´m burning it up alittle. i haven´t done a compression test on it yet, which would probably let me know what the problem is, and what cylinder. i notice when i take out my number 4 plug it has oil on the threads and its a bit oily looking not bad though but enough to tell. car has 78,ooo miles on it and its a 94 gt. just wandering if it sounds like what i think it is and how bad could it get and is it safe to use an oil additive to fix the bad seal. i have seen products at the auto store that say they stop leaky seals but i used to use them in my old exp and it turned out it clogged up my oil drain holes and caused even more damage. engine has been taken care of as far as oil changes but its been run hard. (you guys know what i mean if you got a honda reving next to you ya gotta give it all its got)lol.
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Hey Bruce,

hmmm.. .things dont sound that great. I haven´t really ever checked if Im burning up oil or not. But I usually run 10w30 or 15-50. I can tell you the Marcus is right on. That prob with the plug is more then likely valve cover gasket (15 dollar replacement). He´s right about the bottom end too...However, even at high revs I doubt its your rings yet. Its probably up top. I tend to run WAY too hot on the EGT´s and I´m thinking the probs I have are valve related too.

If it helps you and you want to do a compression test yourself. All my cylinders are between 165 and 175.

You know it sounds stupid but you could have a leak that´s only opening when there´s oil pressure. Right above the oil filter on the 1.8 is a oil cooler, that could be leaking a little.

G´luck to ya.
switching to synthetic oil more then likely wont increase your aptness to leak oil. To me it just sounds like the problem is getting worse.
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