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Looking for knob and boot

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I´m looking for a white and black leather shift boot with white and black knob. Anyone see one anywhere ? If you do send me an email.

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my shifter knob is black n white, as it is an exact replica of an 8-ball
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I´m actually looking for a knob that isn´t round. I really want one like the Momo Crystal series, or F16 series. Something that looks like it would be in a european/japanese sport compact.
try canadian tire
i know the have 2 tone boots and chrome and black knobs
walmart has shifters too, that´s where i got most of my stuff
i found the perfect knob for you
its like a momo raptor and its black and white, but it was in a wholesale order book my buddy had
but they are out there, a lot of companies make them, i think ichibahn and ractive make them
Yeah, I think it was Ractive that I saw had one a long long time ago. Thanx man. Hey can you scan a pic of it, and post it up?

Anyhow, my second choice is to get a blue crystal series momo (since I want to get the blue needles for the dash it will match) And chrome is cool too because I have chrome pedals.
momo is so overpriced, just cuz its right from italy
try canadian tire, they now have neon shift knobs, thye look cool
i´ll try to get that pic outta the catalog for you, but it was a really nice knob i know that
white downt the center and black on the sides, sic
I kinda want to avoid the neon ones at all cost. Just doesn´t give the "performance show look." My roommate has a carbon fiber and chrome momo and it feels amazing. Oh well cheap thrill, but with the short throw shifter in his civic its really nice. Plus it looks nice because it matches the carbon fiber accenting on his interior and his carbon fiber hood.
If anyone´s got tips on intalling a leather-look shift boot, let me know. I´m happy with the B&M billet aluminum knob I got to go with my short shifter. But I had to go to Ebay to find a gray vinyl shift boot. And guess what? Stuff you buy for $10 on Ebay sometimes doesn´t fit! The boot is too short, it seems, so it pulls out from under the stock ring . I could just drive the car in second gear all the time like my girlfriend does (feel free to flame me for sexist jibe) but I would prefer a more permanent solution. I´m thinking of just using industrial-size staples on the under side of the ring.

(And yes, I did go looking for an MX-3 shift boot but found nothing at the junkyard.)
- Rob
found a company that makes black and white ones

at the meet we went to Xtreme and the sell this one company´s stuff
company name starts with a P
but the had an amazing black and white one youd like
whoever was at the meet do you remember the name of the company?
Have you gone to b&m or hurst they make a huge variety of boots to go with all kinds of shifters.
So you guys are saying shift boot from a mazda MX-3 will fit the escorts? And it is leather?
Yea the MX3 boot is a direct bolt in. Real leather and it looks kick ass. By the way most if not all the interior parts bolt right into 2nd gen escorts.
What year MX-3 are we talking about and what other interior things are you talking about besides shift boot.
Just an aside re: shift boots, I couldn´t believe that even Walmart charges $30 Cdn for a new one. So I bought a generic one off Ebay for $9US. It didn´t have gathers on the bottom so, to make it stay in place, I attached it to the console´s shift ring with big aluminum rivets. It gave me the brushed metal/industrial look that matches my B&M shift knob and it sure was cheap. And, with 15 rivets, it´s now the strongest part on the car!

"The rivet tool, a Bedazzler for car guys"! lol

- Rob
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