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Long Vacuum Question.....HELP!

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Hi all!
I´ve been troubleshooting a hesitation problem for quite some time now and I´m stumped. It´s a 92 GT...135k on it; I´ve had it since new. I must say first off that I have a bad lifter or 2, that are noisy on startup in the no2 cylinder.
Compression is 150/150/125/150.

My problem is that my mileage is really going down in the last 6 months. I´m down to about 24mpg; and the "kick" that used to happen at 3k rpm no longer does. On the freeway, going up a hill (lots of ´em here in Seattle) I can now start to feel stuttering. but it´s consistent and rhythmic hesitation, about every 1.5 to 2 seconds the car hesitates for a moment; as if someone is pressing the A/C button every 2 seconds. NOTE: mileage and running was fine for a year after I found the low compression; so I don´t think it´s related to that. Burning a valve also wouldn´t be so sudden (IMHO).
First thing I did was disconnect A/C and PS speed sensor. Still did it.
Next thing I did was run vacuum test to find out if my valve WAS a problem. Vacuum is rock steady at idle (surprised me considering my stuck valve), and under WOT as it should be.
However under equilibrium (say hold rmp at 3k), the vacuum needle swings WILD between both stops.
Thought maybe the Cannister Purge solenoid was bad.
Ran as many of the pinpoint tests (from the shop EVTM and Emissions books) I could do without a vacuum pump and did not find any problems. All the vacuum hoses are fine, and it has a brand new fuel pump/cap/rotor/plugs/wires etc. Also brand new PCV. Rubber intake tube to TB is 2 years old (yeah, cracked like an sob after years)
Still does it.
Has anyone else seen this vacuum guage behavior? Any ideas on what to check next? I can´t imagine this is normal; I´ve never seen this type of vacuum reading EVER!
Anything; any digs in the dark would be appreciated.
I have 2 spare complete engines (for future turbo plans) so maybe I´ll start swapping parts to see what happens; maybe even replace the bad lifter just to see since it´s not too hard to get a cam out. Otherwise I´m just going to deal with the crappy performance until I can get the dough to do up a turbo and drop it in.

1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
1992 EGT
1971 Mustang BOSS

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I think you guys have may both have a valve sealing problem. by comparison you compressio numbers are a little lower than what I had come up with from my 1.8 I had between 180 and 185 on all four holes. run a leakdown test and see what you get.
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