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Can anyone tell me what LOL means? Also I would like to know what the expression "Charley Horse" means - my dad gave me a toy zebra years ago and that´s what he called it. I´ve heard the expression used on USTV shows but no-one here seems to know.

Thanks if you can.

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ROFLMAO rolling on floor laughing my ass off
LMAO laughing my ass off
brb be right back
bbs be back soon
wtf what the fuck
stfu shut the fuck up
afaik as far as I know
imo in my opinion
imho in my humble opinion
ttyl talk to you later
omg oh my god

then you´ve got Leet speak which is replacing words with symbols and numbers.

fuck = fuX0|2 (fuxor)
elite crew = 31337 Kr3W
hacker = h4(K3r

basically like this:

A = 4
B = |3
C = (
D = nothing
E = 3
F = nothing
g = 9
h = nothing
i = |
j = nothing
k = nothing
L = nothing
m = |\/|
N = |\|
o = 0
p = nothing
q = nothing
R = |2
s = nothing
T = 7
U = nothnig
V = \/
W = \/\/
X = nothing
y = nothing
z = nothing

"d0|\|7 t0uCh mY |300|3I3s, y0o fuX0rIn9 F49907!!!1"
(note: with all leet speak, you must put a 1 after your exclamation marks)

and that´s about everythnig you´d ever need to know.

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Well a Charlie Horse is kind of both. a quick hit to the thigh will stun it enough that it doesn´t really want to function, kind of like a cramp. I have heard a cramp called a charlie horse but usually the term is used by younger kids beating each other up.

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birddog wrote:
but usually the term is used by younger kids beating each other up.


...and grown men with stuffed zebras LOL

In my book, charlie horse was either administered or undergone...

administered: some kid squeezing another kids´ calf or something and cramping it up. "giving a charlie horse"

undergone: "I have a charlie horse, so don´t touch me."

I actually think I have the orgin of charlie horse somewhere in one of my bathroom reader books... I remember it came from something about a "charlie´s horse" and something stoopid like that.

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My frosh year of college I was put in the deans office and up for expulsion. These guys showed from from the FBI...they said they were going through our schools server and looked in my account and saw some "suspicious" programming code. They claimed I brought down the eBay servers for 3 days because I launched an attack on they´re gateway system from another local JC´s computer system using my school´s computer system from my dorm room.

The code I had was some stuff I was working on for breaking alpha numeric PIN codes. Basically it just runs every possible combination of pins and when it finds one it saves it and uses the saved ones first before going through everything. The C code I had was modeled after System Administrators Tools for Analyzing Networks.

The charges were pretty serious, and I was looking at 20 years in a federal pen because of the monetary damage done.

This happened the day before spring break...so when I got home on spring break I used MS Outlook to tunnel back into my account and look at everything they were looking at. After doing a lot of reading and researched I figured out a way to prove I didn´t do it.

I proved I couldnt have done it because the eBay systems use a version of Solaris Unix that is already patched to prevent S.A.T.A.N. from working properly. I then demonstrated a program called S.A.I.N.T. and showed how saint basically did the same thing, however the older version of Solaris wasn´t impervious to it. By showing this they realized that I couldnt´ have done it with what I had....then I showed them how someone actually used the public library to jump to this huge .edu network between schools and the local JC and my school just happen to be on there.

I was basically told I was going to be watched and not to do anything stupid. Since then I gave up on improving my ability to Code and I´m just focusing on Software Engineering from a design point of view
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