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Little Thingy Under Radiator

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You guys know that little plastic peice under the rad.. well one of the bolts broke.. so i took the whole thing off.. but i dont like how the frame sticks out that extra bit.. it might just be me.. but do you think if i made a little guard for it, it would be better then nothing.. or am i just insane. i dont wanna hurt my ´scorty
i think a cool little thing would be cool too , if that makes ANY sense.. any thoughts
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a little thing would be better than nothing. all it realy does is keep water from comeing up when you hit water.
in the long run it would extend the life of parts, like alternator, belts, etc.
I took all mine off and can´t really get them back on because of the turbo...oh well.
That thingy is supposed to act like an airdam, building up air pressure in front of the radiator to benefit cooling. But since air flows in through the front bumper opening anyways, for most people, removing it shouldn´t be a problem.
I took mine off a while ago... i really need to put it back on... when my right wheel hits a water puddle, the water hits that alternator and nearly kills the car. UGH... no t good.
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the guy that owned my EGT before me had hit the bumper, dunno how many times... but that plastic piece was all cracked into pieces and he tie wrapped them all back on, well one Tuesday evening i got sick of looking at it hanging down, so I jacked the car up, (putting stands under it), got under there and started cutting the tie wraps off, and took out the plastic pieces. Now if it rains too much and i go thru puddles, it gets into the alternator and about kills my car, my solution is 1. (if i have to drive through puddles), I put the clutch in and rev it until i´m out of the water and 2. avoid the water altogether. Number 2 usually tends to work the best. that piece should probably stay there, but I had no choice. it looked like it was about to fall off itself.
ok.. thats a good enuff reason... maybe ill make one and put it on my mod list lol, ill make some nice how-to´s also
ill paint it all pretty and stuff.. now im exited.. oh yeah.. puddle jumpin is my life...
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