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list if what you need for doing body work

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here´s a list of things needed for doing body work:

-drop cloth (old blankets or towels work fine)
-various grits of sandpaper: 60, 150, 220, and 400
-sanding block (for sanding small areas)
-DA sander (for sanding large areas)
-Bond-O (available at Wal-Mart in the automotive section....its a body filler)
-hardener for the Bond-O
-various sizes of plastic spreaders to work the Bond-O with (Bond-O brand)
-piece of cardboard (for mixing the bond-o and hardener)
-dent puller (looks like a big ass suction cup...your bathroom plunger will work too)
-a well ventilated area
-masks so you wont breathe in the Bond-O dust
-a few extra people wont hurt either...hehe but make sure you provide plenty of beer for them.
-well heated garage

try to pull dent out with dent puller first. if not then here is what to do next:

basically sand down the area to bond-o real good. sand it down smooth. take some bond-o and a small amount of hardner and mix it together until you get a salmon color (kinda pink color...should match the spreader color) mix it up real good and spread over the area you just sanded down...apply an even coat. let the bond-o harden. after the bond-o hardens up, sand smooth using the various grits of sandpaper. after you have sanded it smooth, apply more if necessary and repeat the steps. make sure bondo matches the body height. rub your hands over area to make sure there are no high or low spots still. if there is a high spot...just sand smooth. low spot, add bondo and sand smooth until it matches the height of the body panel. get rid of all the dust...blow it off, wipe it off...whatever you gotta do to get rid of it then primer it down.

thats the basics of doing it. i probably left some stuff so if anyone has anything to add, go ahead and add to it. i posted this someone asked how to do it in another post.
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I´ve got a good deal of rust to fix on my scort, so chances are, when the weather warms up a tad, I´ll do this.

Anyway, most of it is just spot rust around the wheel wells, and other areas. Nothing too serious.

However, there´s this one section on the rear hatch that has COMPLETELY rusted through. You know where the lights for the rear liscense plate are? It´s right up in there where it´s rusted through. I´d like to fix it, but I don´t have a welder and I´m not sure exactly how welding works and how hard it would be to fix.

Likewise, I have one other "rust-through" spot in my car, and that´s in the spare tire compartment. I would like to fix this as well, but I´,m not sure if it´s possible to weld on a curved surface...
This welding thing...

Do I need a machine to weld? Like a little transformer box thingy? I have no idea how to weld and such and what I need and how much it will cost.

Also, how much is sheet metal?
how much does a welder cost? what are the different types of welders?
Well I spend 800 bucks on my GT. It´s not in perfect condition. Has a good deal of rust throughout the body and in the engine bay, certainly not in perfect condition.

I´d like to do this as cheaply and effectively as possible. I´d like to keep my supplies under 200 dollars to fix the majority of the body rust on my GT.

Is this possible or am I dreaming? Apparently, the rust WILL come back (which sucks) but how long will it take for this rust to come back? Chances are I´ll have my car for another 5 years or so before something craps out. I don´t want to dump a ton of money into it because quite frankly it´s not worthy of it. The condition just isn´t good enough.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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