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List: Every Car you have ever owned

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stro, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Eric76

    Eric76 FEOA Member

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    1982 Buick Skylark (1st car, which became a parts car for my second)
    1981 Buick Skylark
    1984 Mitsubishi pickup (2wd 5-speed 2.3 liter turbo diesel)
    1983 Buick Electra Park Avenue
    1988 Ford EXP 5-speed
    1978 Olds Cutlass 2dr
    1988 Camaro 2.8 5-speed
    1984 Olds Delta 88
    1982 Audi 4000 Diesel
    1991 Olds Toronado Trofeo
    1990 Cadillac Seville
    1995 BMW 525i
    1997 VW Jetta
    1989 Escort LX wagon (current)
  2. pextor

    pextor Moderator Staff Member

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    Lancaster, pa
    since this post, i've owned:
    98 zx2 - green
    00 zx2 - twilight blue
    98 zx2 - black
    00 zx2 - S/R
    99 sedan - aquamarine
    97 wagon - toreador red.

    that's a total of 92. I may have missed a couple in there too....
  3. pextor

    pextor Moderator Staff Member

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    Lancaster, pa
    93, bought and sold a 01 green zx2.
  4. schwinnman67

    schwinnman67 FEOA Member

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    Just updated the list and added a couple more.....
  5. Blitzter

    Blitzter FEOA Donator

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    All of my past cars were used.
    #1 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7
    #2 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7
    #3 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7
    #4 1967 Mercury Cougar GT
    #5 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7
    #6 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7
    #7 1968 Mercury Cougar, Dan Gurney Special
    #8 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7 Dan Gurney Special
    And now two Escort wagons!
  6. jkeaton

    jkeaton FEOA Member

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    1969 Dodge Charger, 383, auto
    1968 Fiat 850 Sport Spider
    1974 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Laguna, 400, auto
    1975 Chevrolet Camaro, 250 4 speed, 4.10 posi
    1978 Ford Pinto
    1976 Honda CL 350
    1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 350, auto
    1963Volkswagon Bug
    1978 Chevrolet Chevette
    1981 Chevrolet Chevette
    1978 Ford Thunderbird, 351, auto
    1988 Chevrolet Caprice Classic
    1988 Jeep Comanche, 4.0 inline, 5 speed
    1992 Honda Civic (first "married" car)
    1993 Ford Taurus (first "family" car after kid #1)
    1974 Chrysler Cordoba, 400, auto
    1986 Buick Regal
    1985 Chevrolet S10 Blazer
    1995 GMC Safari
    1992 GMCS 15 Jimmy
    1988 Ford Bronco, 351, auto
    1995 Chevrolet S10 Pickup
    1997 Ford F-150, inline 6
    1998 Pontiac Montana
    2001 Ford Taurus
    2002 Chevrolet S10 Pickup
    2001 Ford Windstar
    2004 Nissan Frontier
    2007 Nissan Frontier
    2009 Dodge Journey (wifes daily)
    2005 Dodge Dakota, 4.7, auto
    2000 Ford Escort ZX2 (sons first car)
    2004 Hyundai Tiburon (sons second car)
    1994 Ford Mustang, 3.8L, auto (daughters first car)
    1995 Ford Mustang, 3.8L, auto (daughters second car after the 94 blew a head gasket)
    1994 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, 350, 6-speed, T-tops (my mid-life crisis car)
    1997 Dodge Ram, 318, auto
    1995 Chevrolet K1500, 350, auto
    1999 Chrysler Sebring Convertible (my second midlife crisis car)
    2013 Dodge Journey (wifes daily)
    2007 Ford Mustang, 4.0L, auto (daughters third car)
    2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Convertible (my 3rd midlife crisis)
    1997 Ford Escort LX (daughters daily driver, the 07 Mustang is her garage queen)
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  7. trueblue

    trueblue FEOA Member

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    Ok, so I know I’ve been tardy in getting pics of our current Escorts. I also have a draft of recent doings with those cars I need to post. I’ll get to this, I promise!

    But I thought I’d add to this post. There is no way I can remember all the cars we’ve owned though!

    Here’s a few of the more substantial ones...

    55 chev-327/365, roller w/rev kit, cross ram, muncie, 4:56 9 in.rr, etc

    69 Mach1- 428CJ, 4 speed

    2- 50 Ford coupes
    2- Divco milk trucks

    73 Mach1- 351 clev, auto, air, white half vinyl roof "creampuff"

    70 Cougar Eliminator- grabber green, 4-spd

    70 Cougar Eliminator- Comp yellow, 4-spd

    63 Falcon sedan/delivery- Boss 302, 60 over, tunnel ram, Econoline straight axle, 4-spd, 5:57 olds rr, etc

    70 Boss 302- Competition yellow (orange), shaker, slats, magnums

    70 Fairlane- 250 inline 6, 3x1bbls, head work, headers, shift kit

    71 Torino GT- 351C, shaker

    70 Torino- formal roof, 429, shift kit, suspension upgrades, hide aways, GT tail lamp assem

    69 Boss 429- C/apple red, stock

    54 Grummen/Olsen Curbside- all aluminum bod, Chev six

    63 Falcon Sprint- 260, 4-spd, console

    47 International Kb-6- tilt bed, Mack overdrive, Vette small block

    86 Ford E-150- Quadravan (4x4), 351M- HO, all options

    42 Mack- Ice cream/popcorn/soda truck (looks like a very large woody)

    47 International KB-3- flathead, 1920's Weaver hand-crank crane (wrecker)

    49 Ford F-600- Dump bed

    47 ACF Brill coach- electric reverse, fact. A/C, 779 Hall-Scott inline 6

    2005 (can’t remember!) Contour SVT- chipped, wheels, borla, K&N

    Several other Scorts'...

    Here’s what we’re foolin’ with now:

    91 Escort GT- Caymen
    91 Escort GT- red
    95 Escort GT- black, plus parts car

    65 Serro Scotty Sportsman- “Ham can” camper about 10ft long, sleeps 4, all original (cept’ paint), gas stove-heat-lamps, electric fridge.

    70 Torino GT- 351C, auto, air, black w/white interior

    71 Ranchero- light green, 302, auto, 80k orig, “aero”cap

    87 Mustng LX- ordered new, t-tops, 3:08 rr, m/sport speedo, cold air

    78 Fairmont- wagon, 30k original miles, fact V8, A/C, Cruise, headers, intake, carb, shift kit, wheels

    82 Fairmont- Futura, inline six, A/C, tear drop hood, wheels

    70 Boss 302 (wife’s car)- Wimbledon white, 4:30 DL, 40k orig. miles

    57 Ford Courier- Sedan/delivery, 383 stroker, turbo 400 w/kit & stall, sub-framed, tubbed, Lincoln 9in.rr w/t-lock,pwr strng & brakes, 4whl discs, remote doors, full leather int, tilt, Welds, house of color candy tangerine metallic, full tint

    69 Boss 429- Royal maroon, 4:30 DL, close ratio top loader, engine built by Gapp&Rousch, traction bars, slicks, 30k orig. miles

    There you go- we got more and had more, but you get the gist...

  8. pextor

    pextor Moderator Staff Member

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    Lancaster, pa

    Bought a 99 wagon, and two 03 zx2s.
  9. Intuit

    Intuit FEOA Member

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    Southwest Ohio
    Dude, I haven't even had that many shoes...
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  10. Gamer92

    Gamer92 FEOA Donator

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    Southern Indiana
    1. 98 Tracer
  11. 88ESCORTV6

    88ESCORTV6 The Alpha Of The Omega

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    Hawkesbury Ontario
    I will not play this game I have had over 100 cars in my life times,
    and even if I tried to post them all, I would need to come edit it every week since I would have forgotten 1 or 2 lets just say that since 1986 I have owned over 100 cars trucks bikes.

    P.S. way over 100
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  12. zx2j

    zx2j FEOA Member

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    Raleigh NC
    I honestly owned 367 vehicles since I was 15 years old. No Ive never been a dealer but NC has sent me numerous letters on many occasions that I needed to get a dealers license. Somewhere in my garage there is a book with all of them listed except probably the last 4 or 5 Ive owned. I have pictures of about 80% of them. Yes it once was an insanity I had!!!
  13. DrewsBrews

    DrewsBrews FEOA Donator

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    SW Ohio
    1991 Ford Escort wagon 1.9l auto
    2000 Ford Escort sedan auto
    1997 Dodge Dakota 5.2l 4wd auto
    2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS 2.0l Supercharged manual
    2010 Dodge Nitro 3.7l 4wd auto
    2006 Scion xB 1.5l manual
    1998 Ford Escort sedan auto
  14. Cymmantix

    Cymmantix My old archenemy, RAKES!

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    1996 Buick Skylark 3.1
    2009 Honda Accord
  15. rlopezf

    rlopezf FEOA Member

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    1954 Willis cj-3
    1975 Subaru R-2
    1966 mustang
    1969 Pontiac GTO
    1983 Buick skylark
    1977 mercy gran Marquis
    1975 gran torino
    1983 Ford E-350
    1987 S-10 (current)
    1994 Buick park avenue ultra (current)
    1997 mercury tracer (current)
    1979 be bus (non runing project)

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  16. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf FEOA Member

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    Trevose, PA
    Me Personally
    1994 Ford Escort LX Sport 2-door hatch (5-speed manual)

    My dad, however
    1956 Ford Ranch Wagon with factory 292 V8 and Select-Air Heater - still owns
    1968 Ford Galaxy "pick-up" (had been rearended hard by Toyota pickup in 1972...said pickup was being driven home from dealer and was totaled...Galaxy no longer had trunklid) - was returned to my grandfather after my dad finished restoring the '56 in 1974 or so
    1967 Triumph Spitfire Mk. III (former SCCA car) manual trans - sold back to previous owner
    Through the 1980's, he daily drove the '56 up until about 1988 or 1989 (including living in Fairbanks Alaska for a year, and the drive up from Los Angles to get there)
    Then after moving back from Alaska to LA
    1988 Chevy Sprint with manual trans (which he regrettably traded for the next car in 1995) - sold
    The Sprint and '56 came with my parents to the East Coast in 1990, and he had both cars when I was born in December of 1994
    1989 Dodge Shadow 4-door hatch automatic (which blew it's head gasket like clock-work every 9 months or so) - sold
    1996 Ford Escort wagon (dropped valve seat, was sandwiched between a Suzuki Tracker and another car (drove away from it, but Tracker was towed), coolant leaks into AC system, constant cooling fan relay/fuse blowing) - sold with 220k miles on it.
    1995 Escort wagon - still owns with 220k+ miles on it now.

    Worth note is that the '56 Ford had it's motor rebuilt about 10 years ago, which has 20k miles on it now. The body however has 500k+ on it, despite being a right-off 2 times before it came into my family. To this day, the frame is tweaked 1/2" over the length of the car, but it's not noticeable.
    It's also been restored twice, but not since moving to PA, but it does run and drive, and has a functioning Borg-Warner OD unit complementing it's "3 in the tree"
  17. Redgearhead

    Redgearhead FEOA Member

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    1. 1985 Nissan 720 (great truck)

    2. 1985 Bronco II (great little rig)

    3. 1982 Toyota 4x4 (tough as nails)

    4. 1985 Toyota Terdsmell (great little car, ridiculously economical, called it Terdsmell because when my buddy owned it the rear window was smashed out and some cats camped/crapped in it)

    5. 1979 Honda Civic (tough little car, buzzy, fun to drive)

    6. 1976 RA24 Celica GT (traded the Hondo for, zippy, tough as nails, drove the damn thing like a Jeep)

    7.1989 Mazda 626 coupe (piece of s**t)

    8. 1986 Olds 98 (great car, cruised on the freeway like a dream, damn car had 300,000+ miles and never skipped a beat)

    9 1969 Chevy Suburban 4x4 (blue whale, drove it for a while and parted it out because rusty)

    10. 1985 Nissan 720 (lowered, meh)

    11. 1972 Camaro (had a 350 but was destined for a 454, never finished it)

    12. 1984 Chevy S-10 (put a 350 and 10 bolt posi in it and did burnouts forever)

    13. 1989 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4 (still have it, slower than a 7 year itch but it's never let me down minus the ball joints)

    14. 1989 Escort LX (current car, paid $700, automatic, decent MPG, so far all it's asked from me is new tires, brakes and the dreaded TFI module)
  18. deathride95

    deathride95 FEOA Member

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    1965 Dodge Coronet 500 Convertible
    1965 Dodge Coronet 500 Hardtop
    1997 Dodge Dakota Sport V8
    1988 Mustang LX Coupe V8/5spd (swapped)
    1986 Mustang GT 5spd t-top
    1983 Mustang GLX Convertible
    1984 Mustang TurboGT stick
    1985 Mustang LX Coupe (99 IRS/Lincoln 32V swapped)
    1991 Mustang GT 5spd
    1979 Mustang Indy Pace Car 2.3T 4spd
    1997 Lincoln MKVIII
    2002 Nissan Altima 2.5S (S stands for S###box)
    1995 Ford Escort 2dr Hatch stick
    2001 Harley Sportster 1200 Custom
    1956 Harley FL
    1971 Suzuki T500R

    Those are the ones that have been titled to me and driven by me. Not counting cars I was given, family rides, or relations rides, or race cars.
  19. MenaceMan47

    MenaceMan47 FEOA Member

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    New Mexico
    1988 Ford Thunderbird w/5.0L and AOD automatic (wrecked it)
    1994 Ford Ranger 4.0: w/5 speed (sold to brother and he wrecked it)
    1997 Ford Explorer 4.0L w/5 speed auto (caught fire, was part of Ford recall)
    1990 Ford Festiva 1.3L w/5 speed (bought and sold while owning the Explorer)
    1999 Ford Escort 2.oL w/5 speed (still running strong)
  20. Intuit

    Intuit FEOA Member

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    Southwest Ohio
    Seems many of you folk either like to buy old cars, or ya'll been driving long before I was born. Realizing that, the question then occurred to me, how did ya'll measure mileage back in the horse and buggy days? I mean, they probably measured in some form of "horse power", but what about mileage? Was it miles per bail of hay or what?? :D

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