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lightest rims for a 91?????

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im new to feoa...and im preping a 91 lx for rally racing, and before i get new tires, i want to change the rims to something lighter..and maybee go up a biger size. any ideas?
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I think www.zxtuner.com has different rims for the escorts...I think they´re all lighter than the stock rims. check it out.
Well the largest you want to go for a rally car are 15´s....I will admit some in rare cases use 16s, but its easiest to get rally tires for 14´s and 15´s.
Miata Alloy 5 spokes are your best bet for cheap and lighteweight 15´s
where do you plan to rally? I´d agree with the others on tire size.
im going to start of with rally cross, with the scca. but south devision only has one rally race a year in the next devision so, while i do this im going to build another car to race in the pro-rally devision thats nation wide (something other than a 91 lx)
It would be interesting to see a LX do some soloII and see how it did.
i was just thinking of that today. doing both would give me more exp, but would meen another set of rims and tires.
I´m with Bozak. Early 14" Miata alloys are around 12 lbs each. Though they are only 5.5" wide, you don´t need a wide footprint or precise feedback, right? And, given that this size isn´t "cool" anymore, they´re cheap enough to buy some extras in case you break one. I just bought a set of 16" wheels from a 2000 Miata; the bolt pattern, centrebore, lug nut bevels, and, yes, even offset, work just fine on my ´95 GT.
- Rob
thanks for all the info guys

is there a rally car guru on the forums
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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