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Light weight heater idea.

Discussion in 'Interior Modifications' started by austin86, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. austin86

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    In place of the stock heater in my 88 exp I was wanting a lighter option.
    I dont intend to drive the car in the winter but would prefer to have the option if I need to.

    What do you think of a stock auto trans cooler from a 80s escort mounted under a dash with some 12v fiberglass computer fans mounted to it? I wouldn't work for defrost or come out the vents but save a lot a weight as the stock fan, heater core and ducting would be removed.
    Another idea would be to keep the stock heater setup but remove the stock fan and strap a 12v fiberglass computer fan on the stock heater core. But that would only save a few pounds, but keep heat coming out the vents and defrost.

    My main concern about deleting the ducting is whether or not the stock dash could still be mounted or if the auto trans cooler would work inplace of the stock heater core.

    What are your thoughts?
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