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Here is my bad story. Well I hanged around with some company of buddies. They all were pritty good exept one guy. He was a center of the company. I kinda felt that this company is not really for me. But thats what happend- I was there...maybe trying to fit.. but I couldn't really. This guy was always talking bad about his ex girls. And those girls were in this company. So to make it easy those girls were good firends of mine. One time one of them asked me what this guy was telling about her. I didn't really think what I was saying and told here everything. She got pissed of cuz. But I wasn't thinking what it could cuz. So the same thing happend with 2 other girls. And of cuz now everybody knows that I was talking shit. And of cuz this guy denied everything that he was saing. Now I have to leave this company because of that. I felt sorry for those girls cuz there all are really good ones. Just this guy used them. So did I do right thing telling how it is or I sould kept my mouth shut.?
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