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level ten stuff

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how does the level ten torque converter compare to the oem torque converter? How does if feel in regular daily driving as well as more aggressive stuff compared to oem?

Same questions for their "bulletproof" tranny.

Has anybody used any of the other level ten products like the transmission shifter and the transmission computer? If so, tell me all about them.

thank you in advance for any advice.
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do they have a website??? im just curious, ive never heard of em and would like to check it out.
Yes they do, www.levelten.com however if you want a great "links" site go to


Lots of links, a number of them Canadian!
I have a level ten torque converter, it rocks..... I love it and the car is still streetable considering it´s a 3400 stall.
The factory torque converter at best would let you hold down the break and give it gas to build up some rpm´s to maybe 1700rpm. For an auto tranny in our cars thats not enough for a good launch. With the level ten converter I can stand on the break and give it gas and let the rpm´s build up to 3000 easy. Then give the gas a quick snap to get the 3400rpm on the launch.
Of course we all no reving in nuteral and slamming it into gear will destroy the tranny.
oh, I don´t know much on the bullet prof tranny but I plan on doing that sometime. They don´t have any of the tranny electronic´s for our cars either.
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