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Lets Talk Power boys and girls

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Alright since none of my other ideas have really seemed that good.......how about some of you help me out with gettin a lot of power and what it will take i have the time and money to do it.....i mean yea looks are good but power is better....how much power can i put into my lil car with rebuilding and anything else it takes and what will it take to get it to that level? :-W
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a twin turbo setup on a car with such little displacement isn´t worthwhile. You guys watch too much fast and the furious. Twin turbo doesn´t mean shit. Why are all the toyota and rx-7 guys switching over to a single turbo setup? hmmm... blade summed it up pretty nicely, I belive wiseco makes pistons for the bp engine? I may be wrong... but some company does.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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