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Lets Talk Power boys and girls

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Alright since none of my other ideas have really seemed that good.......how about some of you help me out with gettin a lot of power and what it will take i have the time and money to do it.....i mean yea looks are good but power is better....how much power can i put into my lil car with rebuilding and anything else it takes and what will it take to get it to that level? :-W
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quickest and easiest form or power is nitrous. Venom even makes a kit for the Escort now.

Want more power and all the time: Turbo. 215-300hp is do-able.

Want 500hp, stroke the motor, build the top end, and turbo.
haha, well I´m still sure the weakest link of the escort is its drivetrain. From pulley, to crank, to flywheel, to tranny to CV´s...that would be the hardest part of harnessing that much power.
sorry to replay so late:

Stroking....increasing displacement by making the stroke longer. It requires a new crank, rods and pistons. if its done right you wont change your copression. EGT´s run 9:1....that´s okay for a turbo. Most turbo motors are 8:1 or around that. So, with 9:1 you´ll get more bang for your pound (psi). Go much higher then 9:1 and you wont beable to run as much boost.

EGT stock internals are forged. (lucky us) Many of the turbo guys run 10psi easily. I´m aiming for 15psi on race gas 8-10psi around town.

Fresh rebuild can help, but if your going to rebuild remember to do the extra work on the head.

On the head switch to sodium exhaust valves. They wont melt under the heat from boost. High quality (felpro) valve seals are a good idea. New springs so you can get those valves moving at the speed of light. Overall just making sure the head is cleaned up is good idea too.

if you want to go all motor without shortcuts of N2O or boost...you want higher compression and stroke and bore the motor. cost of motor work would be around 7k probably.
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1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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