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Lets Talk Power boys and girls

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Alright since none of my other ideas have really seemed that good.......how about some of you help me out with gettin a lot of power and what it will take i have the time and money to do it.....i mean yea looks are good but power is better....how much power can i put into my lil car with rebuilding and anything else it takes and what will it take to get it to that level? :-W
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What is stroking the motor? I thought that that was making the stroke longer, and if that was it wouldnt that give you higher compression and dont you want lower compression for a turbo? I dont know so thanks for giving me the ld. ;-)
What is stroking the motor? Anyone?
I just sat here for like 10 minutes trying to figure out how stroking the motor wouldnt give you higher compression and i couldnt figure it out. I know it is basickly making the cylinder bigger but ahhh :-Y , could someone please explain this to me and also what are forged internals?
ok, when i said making the cylinder bigger i ment like from TDC to BDC not from side to side like boring. So in essence that is what stroking does right? It makes the chaimber bigger and since you put lower compression pistons in there it doesnt compress the air/fuel as much right but since the chamber is bigger you are getting more air/fuel right? Someone tell me if that is wrong or right i am still mot real sure.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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