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Let´s Chat

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How bout Sundays at 6PM central we chat we have enough members to do it???? I´ll be in there meet me in there if it´s an idea.
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I´ll always do my best to chat, but if I´m not in there you can always ask me questions on AIM and stuff. My AIM name is BladeERAU
Ok that´s 7 eastern. I´ll try to make it. It´d be nice to meet you guys. The forum is great but conversations take a looooooong time here.
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yeah lots of people do, but it´s just a matter of timing. i check the site through out the day and if i see anyone in there i jump in. sometimes i sit in there and hope someone comes in. hopefully we can get it used more and more, and lately it has been so thats cool.

Hey everone, join us in the chat room, so far it´s just 2FordsandaDub and me!!!
I´d join, but I can´t. Where do I download this "plugin"?
Come chat all you yo´s yeah. if that makes sense.
no plugin required...just click chat and then on the chat page click the room that everyone is in and join!

Come on in and join the fun!!!
Okay, I´m just lonely.
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slap- if you haven´t guessed, I use red hat linut... I need the plugin or something, it wont work.
It looks to me like it´s a Java chat room, which is perfect, for I am a Java programmer. go to http://java.sun.com and download the Java plugin, at least version 1.3.1_0_2 should work. I´ll post a direct link to the download page when I find it.
Here you go, be sure to download the JRE, that´s all you should need.

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