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Left Front Control Arm Replacement

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Long Story short, daughter smacked a curb and bent the lower control arm and tore up the left half axle to boot. Question is on the lower control arm, the bolts that get removed on the bushing area, bolt is turning but not getting removed and from the feel of the other side of the bolt, looks like the nut or something like a nut is turning also. I am thinking a welded socket thread is the nut and should be not turning, is that correct? If that is the case, how should this bolt get removed? Gas Ax comes to mind. What is your take? Thank you
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I should refine my question, the bolt that is not coming out is the horizontal one and the welded nut is on the crossmember support (at least that is what I would call it). The back three came out with a little assistance via a metal extender bar. I did some some measurements from the passenger side and it seems all other parts are good and not bent. It should be interesting getting the new parts in and seeing how the alignment turns out.
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