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Does anyone know the number for all of the bulbs in our scorts (93 gt), i don´t need headlights or driving lights. I am ordering clear corners and want led´s because they keep the clear corner look. I am also making my own clear taillights and need the clear led bulbs for full clearage (I made that up).

I also have another question: How hard would it be to put lights in the two reflectors because here is my idea
Clear both reflectors...then put clear sidemarkers in the top yellow one that flash exactly the same as the tail blinkers. Then, have some type of red led bulbs in the red reflectors that are always on when the lights on my car are on. If I could, I would like these to be brake lights too but that sounds kinda hard. (Maybe i could wire them to where the old brake light used to be that was on the bottom of the spoiler) If you can answer any of this, please help me out so I can have functional clears all the way around my escort.

´93 eGT still stock

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